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  1. I feel so bad for as I read a few posts of yours. You are dealing with noobs lol

    P.s. I'm baccckkk to haunt y'all again
  2. Lol I know and its boring as heck without it . My position as an online ninja is mine again Lol.
  3. well thats good news, Life without wifi is not worth living!
  4. I bet and I finally got my Wi-Fi fixed T_T
  5. I know what you mean, Once battle reports and OT started losing popularity there wasnt enough people to draw fresh blood to the forums, its been a pretty depressing thing to watch
  6. That's very sad to see it happening cause this place was always hopping
  7. Most of the Major posters left the forums and without them to help keep the forums alive its slowly declined till there is olny a few threads that still get posts.

    In that case id best head over to the Kings bar
  8. Yeah it's very quiet what's up with that ? I'll save you a drink
  9. howdy Scarlet, Nice to see you return to the forums Unfortunately they are a bit quiet around here now days.
  10. Hi how are you doing? Do you remember me? My laptop was on the Fritz for a while but as you can tell I'm back.
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