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  1. Yeah, they're all over the place. In fact, two of the top ten alliances are dedicated solely to accounts being sold. It's gotten quite out of hand lately.
  2. lmao, and you big meanie :P Hopefully severs not lagging too badly. Ive heard that there is a lot more seller accs then there used to be around.
  3. Nah, they were never a thing.

    And the new server's going smoothly. I fit the role of local bully quite nicely, I must say.
  4. nice one! hows the new server life treating you?

    have you got sick of the Village People singing on the deck of your boat yet?
  5. Not much, life's kept me pretty busy. I've been playing the newest server for a few days, though.

    I've been in the Navy still, just under two years to go.
  6. heya mate, Nah not back on new servers. ive pretty much given evo' away. New servers fail to hold my interest anymore.

    What have you been up to?
  7. Hey SSF! How's it been? You on the new server with everyone else?
  8. It's not as much the pay as it is the benefits that makes it look like a lot. It's ridiculously easy to save up money here. No rent, food is free for the most part, all I've got to worry about is a cell phone bill + my school loan...

    Not to mention the boatload of insurance that's to be had. A whole slew of things in the Navy is free, which means that whatever they pay me is typically what I'm able to save/spend and not worry about bills for the most part.
  9. lol yeah i did mean the navy, ive not even looked at tynon, seems like a league of legends sort of game and they do nothing for me.

    and fair enough, good to hear youve got that in the wings so to speak, they pay fairly well from what i hear
  10. On Tynon, or in the Navy?

    I'm still at a shore command, and transfer to a ship come September. The ship itself is stuck on land doing an overhaul though, until at least the end of the year.\

    As for Tynon, I doubt I'll get very much into the game even if I start playing it.
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