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  1. You poor, poor fatman. I wish i had the money to buy you a prostitute..cause you need some *word not for inexperienced ears such as yourself*..and you need it bad.
    Maybe if you got outside more you'd have more of a chance of that happening
    Its actually kinda fun loggin on here n arguin with ya
  2. LOL I think the only thing that was missed about you was... ooh that's right, nothing.
  3. Sorry it took so long to come back..I'm sure you missed me..
    You been busy on evony?
    I mean those digital wars aren't gonna fight themselves ya kno.
    Maybe one day you'll man up n fight a real one.
    Or maybe you'll continue to be a poon and to google insults for dummies.
  4. "I have way better things to do"

    If this was true, or if you had even had a single friend irl, I'm sure you wouldn't keep coming back here. But my guess is you're just a 9 year old with no friends(quite easy to see why that would be); hence your returning to these forums time after time even after claiming to quit all things to do with Evony.
  5. I have way better things to do than argue with an old man living with a bunch of child ****ography stashes in his basement..but I guess I'll keep blowing up your visitor messages.
    Hope you enjoy it, grandpa.
  6. You know, according to your signature:

    "gladly retired from everything that has to do with evony!"

    That does include the forums you know... You should consider sticking to your signature - the forums would be a better place (Especially my visitor messages, because at the moment, there seems to be a river of teary responses from a 9 year old on it )
  7. Would you like some fries with that stupid?
  8. Not sure what kind of job a 9 year old would get, but none the less, I can easily see why you would get so much 'bull****' from people.
  9. by the way i do think this is kinda funny how i can sit here and banter back and forth. And i dont feel inclined to be the mature one to say some stupid **** like im sorry and lets be friends..
    I deal with so many peoples bull**** at work I sure as hell aint gonna deal with it on some stupid website..good to know you will tho
  10. Will not win what?
    I hope you didn't major in psychology cause that was money well wasted..
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