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  1. come back or i will get mad and tear up forums
  2. marina has gone missing

    not around anymore are ya?
  3. with kitti gone AWOL you'll have to hold the bar for a bit.
  4. oh friends with everyone so ive never had that problem lol
  5. Tried that but she has most of her stuffs set to contacts/mods only so I can't see it 'cause I'm not on her contact list.
  6. you can look at anyone's page. just go to communtity on the top bar and click members list
  7. No I can't, she's not on my friends list lol. Though now that you mention it I do recall seeing a rather similar sig around forums. Can't say if it's the same or not 'cause I can't see it but it's all good. He said that he doesn't expect me to use that one anyways so yeah no not going to, now that you've mentioned that.
  8. lolz but im all curious
  9. Hahaha patience, there. Making sigs takes time. Once I've got it I shall switch it.
  10. where's the siggy?
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