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  1. LOL I hate to say it but I like it here. Notwithstanding that, I'm sort of seeing a Philadelphia guy who has been a surprisingly decent loser of the SuperBowl, and I may move to rural Pennsylvania.
    I read your beginning history of server 5 from your perspective, that 'Prophecy: Tale of a Warrior," and thought it was great. I really hope you will consider finishing it up to the merge. It seems to just drop off a cliff after LostSouls alliance gets born.
  2. I am soo sorry that u were forced to live in Wisconsin. Thats a terrible story
  3. You are the one who's signature says you love cheese, and you want an avatar. I was being nice and offering what you asked for. I was born in Michigan and moved to South-East Wisconsin 47 years ago at age 3.
  4. I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. If you EVER, EVER send me that kind of ****ography again, I will attack you in game.

  5. I bet you could find a good avatar here:
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