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  1. I have hosted on Na29, W24 , 158 , And Na33
    All of which I started significantily late on the servers ( except 158 )
    On Na29 0,0 was already capped and so were all 16's/14's I got my alliance to rank 29 then we merged..
    On W24 alliances already above 800mil prest and got my alliance to rank 23 and then 1 by 1 they left..( RL issues for me made me leave thats why they had left )
    158 - I had hosted an alliance and then got them to rank 15 then we merged into rank 10..
    Na33 - I had hosted a small war alliance of 15 members we played till we died..

    All of which these merges were forced ones as the members didnt want to die
  2. I am considering joining FEAR on NA 39... but I was wondering if you could give me some background on your Hosting experience and the servers you have been on..
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