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  1. Yep great been pretty great last few weeks, busy as hell at work, also looking to get my first house, which should be exciting. To finally have something i own rather then something i rent, though until i get the loan re payed going to be about the same. Hope your Veterans Day was good as well if you did anything.
  2. LOL and ya... going well... likewise for you I hope
  3. Probably a smart decision it is a big time and money sucker, on the bright side at least not as expensive or all consuming as a crack addiction....................on second Either way hope everything for you is good :-)
  4. NO! I almost did... but just before hitting enter on on the search bar I hit the big red X.... must...stay...away... the forums is all I allow myself... lol
  5. Same old same, trash talk, accusations and whining. As long as i avoid WC it is decent, lmao buck and builder insist on almost weekly port parties so pretty fun normally, probably helps that i got plenty of whiskey and eggnog as well. You playing the new game? Heard it is kinda like backyard monster or battle pirates? Tried it myself but lagged out so much i just called it quits, maybe pick it up once it is out of beta.
  6. hmm how goes the stale-ness of Na1, good sir?
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