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  1. No idea...
  2. Haider, You still going on here anymore?
  3. Mixed up your name for eric's.
    Really similar names there bro.
  4. Remember this?

    "If my name's not in the section, I can't help you."

  5. The what thread in what section?
  6. Hey acer...
    Could you bring back the GW2 thread in the games/whatever section?
    I was going to post some screenshots and maby a link to a video file.
  7. Eric's anwser was still better
  8. There would be no forums due to the admins dying when the amount of mods left ran out after a day.
  9. Haven't asked you yet, so

    What would the fourms be like
    if every time a thread died,
    a part of a mod died with it?
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