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  1. yea you gotta love those spambots, great comedic timing
  2. Well I saw that same spambot just now, and yes I have to say that it is pretty funny
  3. the great thing about typed sarcasm is that its all in the eye of the beholder
  4. lol its hard to convey sarcasm in posts sometimes alright :P
  5. and you found that to be beautiful? Whatever floats your boat i guess ...
  6. lol you missed out there, i usually ignore spambots too, but certain words in it caught my eye. basically it was stuff about dominatrixs, strapons and other fetish stuff
  7. Damn, I didnt bother reading/translating it ... what did it have to say?
  8. lol not with that beautifully written spambot post above it stealing its thunder :P, gotta say i laughed my a$$ off that that particular 1 ended up on an admin created thread
  9. Fail? We both know there was nothing but win in that comment
  10. Mods love me
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