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  1. I don't know how you found that gem, but it was quite amusing
    OH and if you wish to find the dungeon.....just follow the screams
  2. I would more than like to entertain you, but as i still haven't located your dungeon, i hope this at least amuses you.
  3. I think you should entertain me
  4. Whats up m'darlin? You rang
  5. ohhhhh blacky blacky blacky...........
  6. I know, sad times..... Yous hould start another one, and i'll try and tone it down
  7. LOL see what happens when all these dirty minds get together!!!! We got infractions!! LOL
  8. Is that all you got big boy? *screams in fear*
    Harder....Harder.....Harder.....Harder lol
  9. I'll tag you so bad hard... your gonna wish... your gonna wish i hadnt tag you back so hard
  10. TAG! You're it!
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