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  1. Yeah I don't have the time at the moment, mail me another time if you're serious about a new server too.
  2. sorry mate,
    created an account on 153 two times, and both times I couldnt access the account when i tried to login again. So looks like im not gonna play the server unfortunately
  3. ok Carinthia is as good as any place, see ya there tomorrow
  4. Carinthia?
  5. yea i will join you and i will decide during bp if i will continue, depending on how the server develops. If i do continue i will buy a couple packages so we can xchange vesta's.
    What state are you planning to start in?
  6. Well if I do start over you up for joining me? I might spend 200 dollars if I do.
  7. yea tell me bout it, i made the impulsive decision to reset my account after all my cities were zeroed overnight. That was a stupid noob mistake.
    You were doing a damn good job as a host imho, but didnt have enough strong players.
  8. I'm unsure too after s151 lol. My Alliance didn't go as planned, not many people could defend themselves and I had 28million honor and being attacked 24/7 lol I got fed up.
  9. but maybe i will start an account on 153, just to spin the wheel a couple times, if i win a holy helm or medal box in first few days i may reconsider
  10. hey bud,
    I have returned to 146 and playing there now, dont want to build up a new account from scratch again.
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