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  1. Hey , it's been awhile Sturm O.o

    Not bad , not a lot is happeninggg. Yourself ?
  2. Click Click BOOM you sneaky pete. How you doing buddy?
  3. It has been Things are going swell over here I suppose

    What about you?
  4. Been a LONG TIME m8!!! Swinging by to see how things are going for you Mr. Moderator
  5. Last Activity: Today 09:39 PM

    Been awhile.
  6. I am still around bud.... and thank you as well. Good to see some familiar faces still here. Hope all is well for you.
  7. Nice to see ya still popping by Sturm.
  8. LOL im just a little poster, unlike you all I am still a wee little fellow lmao. Good to see you as well bud. At the rate im going 95 posts should take me NO LONGER than a year or two
  9. Ello sturm, Nice to see ya again. Still a marquis You really need that 95 posts hehe. How are you ?
  10. Going great, thanks again for da Hulk sig I'll make sure to use it often.
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