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  1. Oh hell naw. You better stay. lol
  2. Ha like I wouldnt remember you..... ruh roh I made it back within a year yikes I better hide again
  3. Oh, glad you remember me Hows you?
    Yeh okay, you're maybe gonna be a year late but still...
  4. LOL dropping by for my yearly visit
  5. Finally got some free time and figured I would swing by to say hello. I have been covered up with NO FREE TIME this summer. My laptop and external hard drive I keep my graphics backed up on got hit by a lighting strike. Thankfully I have my documents and family pictures on another one that I unplug after backing up lol

    I got so aggravated after loosing all my graphics minus some of my sigs and resources i couldnt stand the thought of doing graphics. Sorry for my absence around the different sites.

    I will try and get some resources built back up.... then try my hand at it again. Unless I am so out of practice it is pointless.
  6. Lol......Lets make a deal, ill pickup my clothes if u wash em! LOL....How ya doin?!
  7. Making my rounds and saw you need to clean up your room geezz get the clothes up off the floor sonny
  8. Nice sigs for simi and ghosts and glad to see you doing some gifts it can be fun doing gifts instead of requests. It allows you alot of freedom in creativity and your work is looking good.
  9. Thx Don let me see what I can do for you
  10. Oh! Smexy sig mate! Canz u make a tut for it?
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