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  1. Missed you to bud....U cant force me out now!! lol
  2. Go away Sturm!

    jk jk I love you <3
  3. Get to work slacker. Should have known you were still around this neck of the woods lol
  4. Actually scratch that request. No longer necessary.
  5. Think you can make that banner in 512x128 (needs to be EXACTLY that size)? :\

    Need it for a server banner. Thanks bro!
  6. Never. Never ever ever.
  7. Get outa here...... Im trying to lurk!!!
  8. Just a stopping by to check on ya....

  9. HaHa well Mr acer sir not sure why I deleted your post back then..... Maybe I was cleaning up a thread lol. Are you bored and scanning through all the old post lmao If it makes you feel better delete some of my meager and insignificant posts Hope all is well on the home front for you m8

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    It was just the Local Host IP ... it's not like that was really my IP =(

    If anybody tried anything it woulda gone right back to their computer...
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