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  1. Sup pc where are uuu
  2. lol ya i havn't been on for a month as well but on every now and again for now on.
  3. omggg 2 citysss QUIT QUIT QUITTTTTTTT LOL sup aussieee ;p
  4. Server 1 need u join us in this evil war vs server 2 and 3 muahaha lol
  5. ya but i came back join 300 but i dont have time to play full time yet this game
  6. lol I thought you quit already?
  7. hahahaahahah u are my herooo when u quit i quitt to lol
  8. lol I will get around to it some day
  9. u need to quittt pc have kids etc etc etc lol
  10. well u need help u need jesus
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