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Thread: Troop Exploits: Update

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    Default Troop Exploits: Update


    Many of you have reported instances where players have been able to attack with numbers of troops that are off the chart. We have located this exploit and patched it.

    We have closed many of the accounts that were using this exploit and will continue to work on closing accounts guilty of exploiting this bug.

    There has been one further change performed, players who control Historic city's will currently not be able to draft from NPC's, preventing another method of building up never-ending army's. We are currently discussing this change internally and will later update this message with the details of this change.

    If you are experiencing players who you believe are still using in-game exploits, please use the Evony Helpspot to report, them as well as the in-game reporting feature.

    We hope you have a happy -- and safe -- game time!

    Best Regards,

    Evony Team

    EDIT: Post was edited for clarification regarding NPC drafting.
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