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    Default Evony Game Guide Index

    There are so many guides out there now that we thought we'd give you one easy spot to find them! Below are a list of the most accurate and popular guides on our forums.


    Evony Terms

    Protecting Your Evony Account(s)
    Security Code - Guide to Changing/Disabling

    Combat Tactics

    BOTH: How many Warriors does it take to succsesfully attack a level ...?
    BOTH: Hellfire's Advanced Combat Guide
    BOTH: Key Issues on Combat Mechanics
    AGE 1: GCalc - Evony Calculator by Germain
    AGE 1: Honour dropping in detail
    AGE 1: Instant Troops
    AGE 1: Combat Calculator Redux
    AGE 1: Prodigy's Guide on Battle Mechanics
    AGE 2: Aeroagg's Advanced Combat Mechanics
    AGE 2: AeroCalc v2.0 - Scouts now included
    AGE 2: Combat calculator
    AGE 2: Guide to Quickly Colonize 400 Cities
    AGE 2: Using Camp Time Like a Pro Guide!
    AGE 2: Evocalc Replacement Tool

    Defending Yourself

    AGE 1: Instant Wall Defenses
    AGE 2: Upgrading Star Level Guide
    AGE 2: Age II City Structure Guide


    AGE 2: Facebook Gifting Guide


    BOTH: Leveling Politic Heroes
    AGE 1: Gaining, Training, and Using Powerful Heroes
    AGE 1: Determining Hero Training Time
    AGE 2: Historical Hero Rankings
    AGE 2: Base Stats of Historical Heroes
    AGE 2: Max Hero Attribute Range Table (Historical and Regular)
    AGE 2: Zep's HH Toplist
    AGE 2: How to get HH's in start of server

    Historic Cities

    AGE 2: Spawn's Simple Historic City 14 Capture Guide
    AGE 2: Everything About Historical Cities
    AGE 2: Capturing Historic Cities
    AGE 2: Epitome library: HC12 schedules

    Medal Farming

    AGE 1: Awesomeness5577's Medal Guide
    AGE 1: Medal Farming Guide
    AGE 2: Badgers Guide to Medal Farming Age II

    NPC Guides

    BOTH: Everything about NPC Farming
    BOTH: Advanced Level 10 Farming Guide
    AGE 2: Level 8 NPC Farming and Conquering guide
    AGE 2: Advanced farming guide
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    BOTH: Evony Diplomacy Guide
    BOTH: Evony Economy Breakdown
    BOTH: iSpy: How to Catch Spies
    AGE 2: Starting your empire

    Ultimate Guides

    BOTH: Virks Noob Guide
    BOTH: The Ultimate Guide
    BOTH: Guides by Jaq
    AGE 1: Beating the Bot
    AGE 1: Game Interface Guide For Newcomers
    AGE 1: Trading - How to play the markets
    AGE 1: Ultimate Defense
    AGE 2: ASMO'S Awesome Age II Guide
    AGE 2: Advanced Tips & Tricks

    YouTube Walkthrough Channels

    BOTH: Evony Professor's Channel
    BOTH: Evony Tutorials' Channel
    BOTH: 3vonyMast3r's Channel
    AGE 2: japanpimp's Channel

    If your guide is posted and you want it to be reviewed for this list, or stickied as a new guide for a short while please contact acer5200 or AbstractAngel with a link to it. Enjoy!

    Credits to TCWNME for his work on this list!
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