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Thread: Starting your empire.

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    Default Starting your empire.

    Building a good foundation in the first 7-14 days

    1. City Build:

    -Town Hall: LVL6
    Needed for forests and cottage upgrade.
    -Walls: LVL6-8
    Wall increases the range of your defending ranged units by 4.5% per level. That's why wall level is important.
    -Cottages: LVL5 x 6
    Enough for production and troop training. Do not get more than 6 cottages.
    -Feast Hall: LVL7
    Important for accomodating good heroes.
    -Rally Spot: LVL7
    Medal farming, scouting and attacking.
    -Inn: LVL5
    Allows folk hearsay, recruit lvl20+ heroes, possibly bugged because it refreshes every minute currently.
    -Academy: LVL6
    Allows all important first week technologies.
    -Workshop: LVL5
    Allows Metal Casting 5, needed for ballistae.
    -Forge: LVL6
    -Marketplace: LVL2

    For selling lumber and buying iron at the same time.
    -Beacon: LVL7-8
    LVL7 sees approximate numbers on incoming attacks, LVL8 sees exact numbers.
    -Stable: LVL5
    Needed for Horsebackriding 5; for NPC5 farming (Archery 8 / HBR 5).
    -Relief: LVL0/1/4/5
    Situational, depending on how far your cities are from eachother.
    -Warehouse: LVL1-5
    Allows Stockpile, which increases your capacity limit. Temporary towns are good for this.
    -Embassy: LVL0-4
    -Barracks: 2x LVL9, 2x LVL6. Rest: LVL4 barracks

    The LVL9 barracks for ballys, LVL6 for transporters, LVL4 for archers. 2nd/3rd/temp towns can stay at LVL2 barracks for a bit to train scouts.

    2. Technologies

    Somewhat in order of importance:

    1. Archery: LVL6-8.
    Most important technology. Increases range of your archers/ballistae/catapults/Archer Towers.
    2. Construction: LVL5-7.
    The sooner you level this up, the better. Faster building.

    Note: these 2 take incredibly long to research, still you need to focus on them instead of less important, shorter researches.

    3. Informatics: LVL8-10.
    Short research, very important to get information on your enemies and high level valleys.
    4. Compass: LVL2-7.
    Situational, mostly depending on your Historic Hero hunt. Explained later in this guide
    5. Lumbering: LVL6-8.
    Short research, gives a nice boost to your lumber production
    6. Horsebackriding: LVL5-6.
    You need this for ARC/HBR 8/5 - 8/6, the right combos for NPC5 farming. Also speeds up your cav looting and NPC farming.
    7. Military Science: LVL5-7.
    If you don't have all your barracks running 24/7, LVL5-7 will do. If they are pumping 24/7, get this to LVL9 quickly.
    8. Metal Casting: LVL5.
    Needed to train ballistae.
    9. Mil Tra / Iron Work / Medicine: LVL4-6.
    Needed for your military adventures or defenses.
    12. Logistics: LVL2-5
    13. Stockpile: LVL0-4

    Invest time in finding a good INT hero, it's certainly worth it.

    3. Resources:

    3.1. Resource Fields

    Option 1: Lumbertown.
    Build all lumbermills, keep 1 quarry/farm/mine in the beginning.
    Get forests. Sell lumber and buy iron.

    -Get max benefit from your valleys.
    -Needs least amount of cottages.
    -Have to sell/buy from market and/or transport between cities.

    Option 2: Lumber/Irontown
    Build about 60%/40% Lumbermills/Ironmines.
    Get forests.

    -No need to sell/buy or transport. Self-sufficient cities.
    -Suboptimal for resource production since you don't fully benefit from valleys.
    -Iron needs more cottages.

    Note: if you are doing it right, you will have negative gold and food income per hour.

    3.2 POL hero

    Get a good pol hero from your inn, level him up with NPC farming later.

    3.3 NPC farming

    Top priority. If you don't know what to research or build: go for something that works towards NPC farming with ballistae/transporters.

    3.4 Market

    Play the market. You can make a lot of profit by buying low and selling high.

    3.5 Visiting Empires

    You can get 30 resource packages from visiting people's empires and 8 from getting visited. If you're in a good alliance, you need to be fast,
    or you wont be able to get 30 packages from visiting. After Maintenance, around 04:00, you can visit people again. Especially in the first week,
    try your hardest to get 38 packages per day, you will need the resources. Click HERE for help on visiting empires.

    3.6 Valleys

    Get high level forests to boost your lumber income. Find valleys without cavalry/archers in them, attack them with archers for 0 losses.
    If you really want to attack valleys with cavalry and/or archers in them, attack with an INT hero and lots of warriors with layering of 1 each.

    4. Rank & Title

    Rose medal farming
    -You only need 1 valley slot for this, the other valley slots you should have higher level forests.
    -Get a LVL1-2 forest/flat/lake on 1 or 1.4 miles from your city.
    -Hold it over server maintenance so it does not level up.
    -Use the capture/abandon method. Send 4-6 waves of 300 cav to the LVL1-2 valley, space your hits 10 seconds apart, and abandon in between.
    -Volume is the key. A round trip for 1 mile is only 2 minutes. If you do 25 waves of 6 in an hour, which is very possible, that's 150 hits.
    Good chance that one of those hits is a rose medal.
    -Do not check every hit for a rose medal. Only from time to time, check your My Items / Medals.
    -Get the cav from FaceBook. If your heroes run out of energy, dismiss them and get fresh ones.

    Honor medal farming
    In order of drop chance:
    1. NPC4
    2. NPC3
    3. LVL9-10 valley

    Simply hit NPC3-4s as much as you can. When you're done with rose medals, you could scout for LVL9-10 valleys without archers/cavalry and hit those too.
    Since NPC farming is slow, getting honor medals could take a while.

    5. Historic Heroes

    Everyone can get free info on HHs.

    5 cents: Everyone starts out with this.
    10 cents: Linking to FaceBook
    10 cents: Correspondence
    30 cents: Strategems
    10 cents: Rich Store
    10 cents: Folk Hearsay

    If you spend money, HHs is a good thing to spend it on.

    Some tips:
    -Don't aim for the top heroes, too many people are after them. Go for the 80-90ish attack heroes with 100+ leadership. Unknown names are best.
    If you are willing to spend a lot of cents on top heroes, you can go for those.
    -Don't spend the free cents on anything else but H-heroes.
    -You start with 1 teleporter and get 2 easily from quests, for a total of 3 random teleports.

    Getting the H-hero:
    -Build up your warriors first, do not buy info before you're ready to attack a NPC4. If you feel like taking a risk, go for it when you're ready for a NPC2.
    -Random port to the state where the HH is. If you land really far from the NPC, use your second teleport.
    -If the HH is in a NPC3-4, focus your research on Compass heavily (LVL5-7), otherwise your warriors won't reach the ATs. Switch to INT gear when attacking.
    Make sure you have warhorn/corselet/peniciline running.

    NPC1: 4,000 warriors
    NPC2: 8,000 warriors
    NPC3: 15,000 warriors
    NPC4: 25,000 warriors

    These are ~minimum amount you should attack with, more is better obviously. You will also need warriors to spam with.

    You can either long range hit it, or build a HUB next to the NPC.
    Some luck is obviously involved in this process.
    If you hit it too soon, you may lose all your troops without capping the hero; if you wait too long, someone else may beat you to the hero.
    Odds per hit to capture the HH is about 3-5%
    Always check Hero Statistics before losing your warriors on a NPC.

    IMPORTANT: This is a top priority. Get an attack HH as soon as possible, before they are all gone. Check out THIS thread for HH base stats
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    6. FaceBook

    6.1 Friends/Allies

    Get these as many and as fast as you can, people in your alliance preferrably.

    6.2 Visiting Empires

    See 3.5.
    Note: you don't have to actually publish the post to your friend's wall. You dont even have to click 'Skip'. Simply close the screen when you get the FB Wall pop-up.

    6.3 Wall posts

    Have other people get these off your wall:
    -Holy water

    Inform your fellow alliance members that you have posted them, make it easier for them by mentioning your name
    Example: "Cav/HW/sword/pike on my wall: John Doe"

    IMPORTANT: people getting troops from your wall will give you twice as many troops as clicking other people's post.

    If you need peniciline, post 'Pestilence' on your wall and have 1 person click it. Remove after that. You will get 1 peniciline: 30% increased healrate for 7 days

    Get these from other people's walls:
    -Whatever you really need that day.

    Note: 5% reduced upkeep is for later in the server. Never get prestige from FB.

    6.4 Gifts

    -If you can, try to get people to send you amulets. Don't whine for it, be creative!
    -Without a HH: speed-ups are the best non-amulet gift
    -With a HH: minor XP is the best non-amulet gift
    -If you don't have the 20% lumber buff, get someone to send you a minor lumbering pack.

    7. City placement

    Do not port to your alliance home state before attempting to get 1 or more Historic Heroes first. After you have the HHs (or failed), port back to your home state with your last teleport(s). Build a city on 1 mile from a nearby LVL12 HC. The next city, build next to a LVL14 HC. Also try to place your cities near NPC4-5-8s if you can. Do not cluster your cities, you will block your own farming. They should be somewhat close, so you can reinforce/transport fast, but never cluster.

    8. Inn heroes

    Try to get some decent heroes early on. First of all: base stats are highly overrated. Anything from 64-69 base is decent. A couple points isnt going to make much difference. What's way more important, especially before you are farming a decent amount of NPCs, is their level. Make sure you get at least lvl20 heroes, so you can put level 2 gear on them right away. LVL30-50 Heroes are even better for a starting empire. You will need a high level Inn for that though.

    8.1 Base stats

    The base stat of a hero is their stat (POL/ATT/INT) at level 0. When using holy water, all points that a hero gained from simply being higher than level0
    will be taken off, and his starting stats will show: the base stats. All your heroes should be holy watered and their points assigned to 1 single stat. Holy water is free from FB.

    8.2 POL Heroes

    Just need 1 per city. Only later you will want more to level up on NPCs.

    8.3 INT Hero

    Need 1 total, move it between cities for researching. Base stat is the least important on this one, just get one at a high level, anything over 62 base INT will do.

    8.4 ATT Heroes

    Rest of your heroes should be attack heroes, 65-69 base attack. Intelligence is also important in combat, so try to get the ones with decent intelligence too.

    9. Army

    Within 7-14 days, 2-3 cities, you should be able to have an army close to this:

    50K archers
    -Strong attackers in first weeks of a server, not so much later on.
    -Strong defenders.
    -All-round excellent troop.
    50K scouts
    Vital. Information is key in warfare.
    25K cavalry
    -Free from FB.
    -Strong attackers in the right situation. Good archer killers.
    -Fast and excellent for looting people and loyalty spamming.
    30K warriors
    HH hunters. Meat shields. Suicide troop. Traps/logs/rockfall clearing. Even have attack value early in servers.
    4K pikemen
    Free from FB. Offensive and defensive layering.
    4K swordmen
    Free from FB. Offensive and defensive layering.
    1K ballistae
    -NPC farming.
    -Have defensive value, later on have value for Historic City attacking.
    1K transporters
    NPC farming

    10. Wall defense

    Most importantly: build 1K abatis quickly. This is for range setting purposes. Abatis set range of a battle at 5.2K range, even for enemy foot troops.

    It's important to get your priorities in the right order after that. Prioritize troop training over AT building. Only if all your barracks are running 24/7 and you have enough resources, build more than 100 ATs. Those 100 ATs should be built quickly and are doubled by the Quest, to 200. ATs are very expensive and only defend when your troops have already been wiped out.
    If you know exactly what you're doing, a short range defense is also possible.

    11. Temporary towns

    Attack button servers specific

    You should always have your maximum number of towns. However, more often than not, you will be in a position where you won't be able to really defend all your cities well. If this is the case, you could choose to build a temporary town.

    -Don't have to worry much about losing them. Can leave them undefended and fully defend your main town.
    -Research in your temp town.
    -Can build it on 1-1.4 miles from your main town.
    -Can train troops if you have the resources.

    Don't get attached to your little town. Don't build anything more than needed. Abandon at the right moment.

    12. Warfare

    12.1 "Prevention is better than cure"

    Do not let your nearby red flags build up. Smash them as soon as you can. Loot their resources, cap their cities, colonize their last towns, train troops with the resources and attack even more. This is a wargame. If you are too friendly to your neighbours, you will likely regret it one day, so try to secure your area.

    12.2 Combat knowledge

    You simply are not going to do well in wars without battle engine knowledge. Take the time to learn how battles actually play out. Read THIS guide and check out other threads/guides about the battle engine or that contain battle reports. Discuss the battle engine with other people. Ask people or post on the forum if you have any questions. Keep an eye on War Reports and try to understand how battles play out. You take hours/days/weeks/months to train troops, only logical to also take the time to learn how to properly use them.

    13. Spending money

    Always start a server on the 1st-2nd day and if you're gonna spend money, do it as soon as possible.
    Things to spend money on:
    -HH info
    -Adv. Teleports
    -Materials and Lost Armor Scripts
    -Medal Boxes

    Things not to spend money on:
    -The wheel
    -Most items in the shop

    14. Allied Forces Quest

    Very simple: do not do these quests at all, until you can do them all at once for 'The Final Goal'. Prestige has no value. Troops have value. Almost everyone makes the mistake of turning in the troops too soon.

    15. Achievements

    Achievement to focus on early:

    The Captive.
    Get 100/100 ASAP. You can get a lot of these while medal farming if you keep a Feast Hall slot open and dismiss them in between waves.
    You can also pair up with someone and spam eachother with 1 scout + hero until you complete this. 25% infantry cost reduction is highly important.

    You can colonize level 0 wall towns with a hero + 1 scout. Do not win suppression battle. Repeat after 8 hours. Do this with multiple towns.

    The Hero.
    Accomodate 10 or 25 heroes for the lumber buff. You can dismiss some of those afterwards.
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    The main purpose of this guide, is to link alliance members to on the first days of a server, so the Host/VHs/Presbyters/Officers don't have to explain a lot of things. I'm trying to make the guide as complete as possible. Please help me by making suggestions on what should be in here, and I will update it. I am not going to add the most basic of information, but it's also not an advanced guide; it's somewhere in between. It's mostly about priorities; what is important to focus on and why. If I've forgotten something, please let me know. Thanks in advance
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    And also reserved.

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    Last reserved

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    Very useful, well written guide. Great job.

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    Cool story, bro! I think Ill add this to the guide index.

    Though I think it would be better if you specified the type of resource production these new players will be looking for in each of the resource city types you describe after the first few weeks.

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    Very great guide, sheds light on how alot of people "seemingly" become unbeatable after the first one or two weeks. +rep
    Thanks WN1 Hit for the sig!

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    Nah rather link to Japanpimps newbie guide for resources etc. it's AWESOME.

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    Great guide! I think the free FB troops early on are overlooked by people. Since they are 100 free troops per click they can help a ton in getting ahead on those early days.


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