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    Decided to go visit WildMan for round 3 tonight since he ported out on me yesterday , his war city of course


    14 mil exp no report

    10 mil exp no report

    328k dead ballista

    15 mil exp no report

    213 k dead pults

    148k bal an 100k pult dead

    25mil exp no report

    21 mil exp no report

    200k dead bal

    14 mil exp no report

    152k bal an 93 k pult dead

    16mil exp no report

    10 mil exp no report

    17 mil exp no report

    8 mil exp no report

    after that he holidayd

    but based on what the last one was i could see in on, plus 4 more big hits on his mechs after ...

    bet i wiped pretty much all his mech an all he had left was rams an some layers

    Enjoy ur holiday WildMan

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    very nice! safe bet your not going to see him for a while now!

    Happy Hunting!

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    What zhay neglected to mention was that Temptation was refuging badly, that is why she only had scout reports cause they did nothing to it.

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    Way to go Molkkan, keep up the good work

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    Default Killing par

    Aug. 6

    My alliance mate, BARRACUDA, asked me to post these kills for him. He ported in beside V_230’s new UL hub and found par peacetime.

    Dead: 3.2mil mech, a couple mil miscellaneous troops: initial scout 70k rams dead 1mil exp no report – lots of these 5mil exp no report bombing mech getting there! Mech and trans remaining… balli kill at’s only 22mil exp no report big mech kill sr killing the trans killing the heal farming his ass last sr (before farming)

    annnnnd….he truces. Nice playing with you par!

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    Wildman popped out of holiday an built a new hub so i stopped by to say HI!
    i have posted a lot about wild man lately so I'm gonna make this post a lot shorter just the important parts so i don't need to url it all .

    first hit i saw in

    arch dying

    Archer numbers went way low then started to climb back over 10 mil , either someone was reinforcing or the bot was sending over but i just kept plugging along ....

    arch numbers finally down enough an hitting mechs now

    mech an arch dying together

    end of the arch an mechs

    last hit i got to see inside on b4 he ported

    But i was so close to finishing ...... couldn't resist i loaded up an gave chase ....

    landed next to him again an was able to send one round b4 he disappeared out of my grasp again

    this was the last hit i got to see in on the only round i got to send from this port but it nice

    2 more hits landed after this one ^^^^ for 28 mil exp an 24 mil exp , so that pretty much tell me all his trans are dead an i left him with rams only in his war city , then poof he was gone again . Hard to believe WM used to have 300+ mil archers, 100+ mil scouts , 100+ mil fodder troops plus extras so more than 500 mil troops in that city . Nothing personal against u WildMan it's just part of a extermination of Virtue_230

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacewing View Post
    I wasn’t planning to post this since it was such a quick and easy kill, but the reds decided to talk smack in wc about it, so here ya go!

    I was out and about for some Saturday evening fun trucing reds when I found par quietly waiting his turn.
    Molkkan spammed down par’s abatis and I sent my round of mech.
    Only took one round to wipe it, good thing too, as he truced up pdq after the first hit. prescout nothing more to kill… killing the heal

    How did it take you 5 hits to get it from the 2nd report to the last hit? that looks like a easy 1 hit kill

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    alot of average unskilled offline mech spamming reports get posted in this thread crazy how long people can play this game and not learn how to play and still manage to impress other noobs just crazy

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    See you ladies still argueing wish I was able to come back have some old fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by destroyerkmk View Post
    See you ladies still argueing wish I was able to come back have some old fun

    just gonna leave this right here


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