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Thread: JadedGFX

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    Id like a sig....since my last request...questionably was deleted...
    size: 400x200
    render: a Red Ranger....idc which one....pick your favorite
    name: RedRanger
    other text: none
    purpose: to show off how amazing you are at sigs on this wonderful forum

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    Nov 2009
    am now mobile with my new laptop xD


    hiya jade can you do something with these and allI want is my name with it saying the loveliest maid of the king's bar

    you can pm me to ask which one i want

    Quote Originally Posted by criplockin View Post
    They see me trollin, They hatin...
    One of the original maids that serves the King's bar.

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    can someone change my sig to Laochra instead of sentinal

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    Hey Jade is there any chance I could send you some pics for you to make me a siggy please?

    Mail me.

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    sorry i have been away had rl to deal with .. anyone still need a sig?

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    hey jade i need a new one if you can make one with zombies n fresh in there somewhere with ss72also in there somewhere thanks
    when did pigs grow wings and fly???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Jade~ View Post
    sorry i have been away had rl to deal with .. anyone still need a sig?
    If you don't mind I'd like to spread some art into the Tynon forums with a new sig

    Request: Weeping Willow (the tree) alone on a hill with a raging lightning storm lighting up the sky in the background.
    Text: Shock (maybe glowing/inscribed in the tree?)

    Any sig close to this would be awesome, thanks.
    Sig by KrazyKazza

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    Hey can you make me a sig? I'd like a chaos space marine with fire in the background, with the words:
    This is the end...

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    On a distinguished road :D


    Hey Jade, welcome back. I just came back as well

    First time back in 3 or 4 years.. Definitely need a new sig

    Render: Something along the lines of fire/ice
    Colours: Blue/Orange (fire/ice themed
    Text/Name: Icefire
    Alliance: 135
    Rank: Host
    Server: 185

    I just copy and pasted what I put in Morgana's shop because it seems that she is no longer active on the forums. Thank you if you can make a sig for me, can't wait to see it
    Quote Originally Posted by okiemarine81 View Post
    Wow! Ace the intimidator!
    Played servers 18,101,126,144,148, and now back on 185!


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