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    Bernini's Hammer

    Update: Bernini's Hammer is now available in Age I as well! Enjoy!
    Gian Lorenzo Bernini was a famous Italian architect and sculptor who designed and built some of the most famous buildings in Rome. Now we've harnessed the power of Bernini in our new item -- Bernini's Hammer!

    Bernini's Hammer lets you queue up multiple construction projects to build one after another. This means you can set your Town Hall to begin upgrading right when your Walls finish or set all your Barracks to upgrade to the next level one after another! The possibilities with this item are endless and it's only 5 Cents per building!

    You can queue up one building for each title promotion, so Civilians can queue 1 building, Knights 2 buildings... all the way up to 10 buildings for Prinzessin! If you want to use Bernini's Hammer just start a new construction while another building is already underway.

    This is the first new item we've introduced since Age II began and we know you'll love it! Age I players: Bernini's Hammer will be coming soon to Age I as well!

    Enjoy and we'll see you on the battlefield!

    The Evony Team
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