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Thread: How to Protect Your Evony Account

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    Default How to Protect Your Evony Account

    How to Protect Your Evony Account

    This is a re-post, but I figured it would get more views and be of more use in this section.
    Do you know what the two most common passwords in the world are?
    I've always asked myself how people could be so unintellgient as to use such obvious and poorly secure passwords. The most frequent answer I was given, was that they didn't know any better. They didn't know what a good password was, because no one had taught them.

    This thread's purpose is to educate you on that very thing, with a few other helpful tidbits.

    Quote Originally Posted by thehood (Additions in Orange)
    Ways to avoid account theft:

    1) If a player suggests that you install some type of software, like teamviewer or another remote desktop program, or to enable remote desktop on your computer, stop right there. Let them know you are fine with doing screen shots and will upload to a public photo share like photobucket.

    2) If a player asks you to trade your account for their's or whispers you asking for logins, deny them. They might promise you something good, but really they want something bad. That player's account might have already been compromised.
    Another thing to keep in mind is not to unwittingly give away your password questions. I've heard of a few people getting hacked through their email because random strangers start asking them questions about where they're from, do they have any pets etc.

    3) Remember to change your account password frequently. Even if your account was somehow compromised, you can lock out password stealers. In addition, make sure your email password is not the same as your evony account password, and that it is also changed frequently (Every four months). For that matter, all your accounts on the interwebz should have different passwords. In case one is compromised, there is no domino effect. It is also recommended that you create a gaming email. This way, sensitive information ($$$) is never in danger. On this note, it might also be valuable to connect a secondary email address to your Evony account. Just as a failsafe.

    4) Never log into your account from a remote connection or on a computer you do not trust. Key loggers are a very common form of piracy. A key logger stores all key strokes from your computer and logs it to a file or sends it to a remote location. ( Try to use a Virtual Keyboard when changing your password. They're a great way to reduce the risk of key-logging. (Example of Virtual Keyboard here)

    5) Always perform an anti-virus scan of your computer before you change your password. Once it comes up clean, then go ahead and change your password.
    The easiest way to protect your account, is to protect your password. Do NOT share it. It's against Evony rules and is the easiest way to compromise your account. (Keep in mind that Evony employees will never ask you for your password).

    Onto the most important part, your password itself. Here are some examples of BAD passwords:

    ...You get the idea.

    How to Make a Strong Password
    ***Do NOT use my password example(s). The point is for you to use a word/phrase that relates to you, so you won't forget it. Using mine is pointless.***

    • Make it as long as you can without making it hard to remember
    • Use symbols
    • Use numbers
    • Use upper/lower case letters

    I like to use a long word or a short phrase... For example:

    Sony Is Superior or Cheesecake

    I change the letters that look similar to symbols/numbers
    A = @ or 4 or ^
    I = 1 or !
    O = 0 (zero)
    S = $ or 5
    E = 3
    B = 8
    On top of that I make all the non-changeable letters in the words 'Sony' & 'Cheese' to upper case, so I don't need to remember which letters are lower/upper. You should come up with something like this:

    $0NY1$$up3r10r or CH33$3c@k3

    And voila, you have yourself a strong password, that's easy to remember.

    Security codes are useful in some occasions... but the information i've already mentioned here is FAR more important. It's best to have them anyway, to buy yourself more time.

    I would also recommend saving your password(s) somewhere externally just in case you forget.

    If you'd like to do more reading, here are some links to posts by official Evony Staff about this subject:
    -Account Security Reminder 1
    -Account Security Reminder 2
    -Notice to Community: Password & Account Security

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    Default Walkthrough

    To avoid confusion, I will post an idiot-proof, step-by-step walk-through.

    ***I repeat, do NOT use my password example(s)***

    Pick a Short Phrase or Long Word. Anywhere around 10 or so characters is fine (omit spaces). The more there are, the more secure. In the examples i've chosen, i've used 17chars and 12chars. Alliteration is also a helpful technique that makes your phrase easier to remember (Example1 displays alliteration: AAA). Start off with all lower case letters.
    ~EXAMPLE1: acer adores alusair
    ~EXAMPLE2: theoretical

    Change ALL the letters that look like symbols to symbols. Avoid using different symbols for the same letter, which would result it more remembering. (EX: Substitute A for ONLY @, not @ and 4). Also avoid using the same symbols for different letters (EX: Substitute ONLY i for !, DONT substitute lower case L's for !)
    ~EXAMPLE1: @cer@dore$@lu$@ir
    ~EXAMPLE2: theoret!cal

    Change ALL the letters that look like numbers to numbers. Avoid the same things as I said with symbols in Step2.
    ~EXAMPLE1: @c3r@d0r3$@lu$@1r
    ~EXAMPLE2: th30r3t!c4l

    Decide which section of your password you'd like to change all the still in-tact letters, to capital letters. Try to choose a section that will allow for the most even distribution of lower to upper case letters. In these examples i've chosen 'alusair' and 'theor'.
    ~EXAMPLE1: @c3r@d0r3$@LU$@1R
    ~EXAMPLE2: TH30R3t!c4l

    There you have it. Hopefully this guide has helped a few people save their accounts from disaster. If you have any questions, or if anything was confusingly worded, VM/PM me.

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    Default How to Change Your Password

    Go to


    At the server selection screen, click the 'Change Password' button. It's above the 'Select World' button, and to the right of the 'Logout' button.

    Now, fill in the required information.

    And that's that.

    For a guide on how to change your security code, follow this link.

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    Default Credits

    Thanks to the following people who've contributed to the guide:
    • thehood
    • Boleslav
    • icyfall
    • Mati2
    • ElfFromSpace
    • Mkatherine
    • acer5200
    • Justin1995
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    Great guide! I would also add that people need to make sure they have different passwords for different websites. If someone guesses your Evony password and it's the same as your fb password, you could be in huge problems.

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    Thanks Bole, edited.

    "Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl
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    You should add pictures (if possible) for people who don't feel like reading.

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    I suggest making a gaming email and a private email so if people do get a hold of your gaming info they don't have the chance to try several passwords crack the email get in anyway. That way if they do accomplish this they will only see game info... nothing important like money info...  96676
    Thanks jcoley2

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    *wonders how many people will actually use the examples you gave as their passwords*
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    this game keeps pulling me back....


    very good guide +rep

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