Passing along this note from our customer service team.

With the New Year, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of scam attempts on our players. We’re taking it as a signal to remind everyone about account security.


The most common scam we’re seeing is people claiming to buy and sell accounts, heroes or cities for real life money. Not only is this practice against the Evony Terms of Use, but generally the people claiming to want to buy or sell you something are really just after your account information. To keep your account safe, never give anyone your account information, and never deal with another player who is claiming to buy or sell things in Evony for real life money.

Other scams are people claiming to be Evony staff, and threatening to ban you if you do not disclose your account information, or else offering to ban someone else if you pay them. These are all scammers and they should be reported via the Help Center. Evony staff will never ask you for your password and will never offer to ban anyone else. Everything you can buy in Evony is listed in the shop and payment page.


Never share your account information. Evony Staff will never ask for your password. Many players are sharing account information for “account sitting.” Rember, account sharing is against the Evony game rules and is the #1 way that accounts become compromised

If an account is compromised, we can’t restore lost items or heroes if it’s a shared account. Please be careful with your information!

Bots and third party “helper” programs also frequently capture account information. Not only are they against the Evony game rules, but they frequently lead to compromised accounts. Report bots and bot users via the Help Center to help us crack down on botters, and don’t fall prey to bots yourself!

Don’t use the same password for Evony and your email address! The last thing you need when your account is compromised is to lose your email as well. That makes even tougher to get your account back.


If you lose access to your account and need it restored, you’ll need access to the email address associated with the account. If you don’t have access to that email anymore, make sure to setup a secondary email address. This email address can’t be associated with any other accounts, or we can’t use it to verify who the account holder is.

Remember, we can’t provide restorations on accounts that have used logged in with a bot or are shared accounts.

In conclusion follow these steps and you can protect your accounts.
  1. Do not buy or sell items or accounts
  2. Do not share account information with anyone.
  3. Do not use the same login information for Evony as you use on other websites.
  4. Do not use bots.

Thanks for playing Evony from the CS staff, and we are looking forward to another great year!

Best Regards,

The Evony Customer Service Team