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Thread: Server 150 Capacity Increased

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    Default Server 150 Capacity Increased


    Following the opening of server 150, we had a much larger number of users start on this server than we anticipated. While we're certainly glad that so many players wanted to jump into this server, the number of users actually exceeded our server capacity during peak usage and caused some problems with latency.

    We identified the problem and have now added additional capacity and improved hardware to handle the additional users on the server and it looks like everything is now flowing along very smoothly. We'll continue to monitor this server and keep an eye on it and make additional upgrades if necessary.

    Thanks to everyone who is playing on this server! Its gonna be an exciting ride!
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    Just a quick update. We've been monitoring the server and we feel another upgrade will be necessary to get the server back up to peak efficiency, so we're going to pull the server offline at 12 a.m. central time to get that done.

    We anticipate the upgrade will take 1-2 hours and this will be in addition to the standard maintenance window. Thanks very much for your patience.
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    Unfortunately, during the transfer to new hardware, it was discovered that some data was corrupted. As a result, we were unable to migrate battle reports to the new hardware. Future battle reports will not be affected. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
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    Server 150 is now online and ready!
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