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Thread: A Gate To Limbo (Interest Check and OOC thread)

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    Default A Gate To Limbo (Interest Check and OOC thread)

    On a quiet day on 24 December 1941, just a couple of weeks after the Japanese declaration of war on America, it seemed that despite the chaos of the Second World War, everything was at least restricted to Earth. The Russians and Germans were locked in stalemate at the edge of Moscow, the Japanese were beginning their whirlwind campaign in the Pacific, France fell a year ago and the British and Germans were fighting for control of North Africa - Auchinleck's Desert Rats against Rommel's DAK and Bastico's Italian armies.

    Yet on this day, something changed. Something snapped in the fabric of the different planes. The religious called it Judgement Day, the magicians called it a planar invasion, and the soldiers of both sides called it a living hell. 12 planar gates opened in different theatres of war. The first to open was in the sleepy village of Vitogorsk, Belorussia (fictional). The inhabitants and local Germans there were slaughtered by waves of demonic creatures ranging from the fantastical to the utterly fearsome. The second opened in the French town of Caen, and the garrison there faced a desperate battle against waves of almost the same creatures. Then, the third opened in Stalingrad - there were copious numbers of Russian troops in the city at the time, and so the invasion was halted by the sacrifice of some 10,000 Russian soldiers in about 24 hours.

    Then, further gates opened right in the midst of the action - Operation Crusader was halted by a planar gate opening in the thick of the fighting, obviously drawn by the bloodshed and destruction wrought by Auchinleck and Rommel's forces as they clashed on the Egypt-Libya border. The attack did not relieve Tobruk as it did in real life, which was due to the planar gate, but the invasion was contained by both sides in an impromptu truce.

    Now, with the planar gates opening across the globe, the world is now forced to fight both the invasion... and of course, the Second World War rages on around them. But that doesn't stop a secret team of scientists, magicians and military figures from every side convening in secret in the Swedish city of Ängelholm in order to find a way to stop the planar incursion. They have gathered together a group of individuals who, they believe, can close the gates permanently and stop the invasion. Of course, failure is always an option. If they do fail, then the races of Earth may find themselves in... hot water, shall we say. There will be blood. But that's a good thing.

    If it bleeds... you can kill it. And I'm sure not even a Balor Lord will stand up to a hail of hot lead. We think. Good luck, and happy hunting.


    This is a modern fantasy RPG based off things like D20 Modern, Shadowrun and that genre. Magic and guns go hand-in-hand, although this is neither during the time of Shadowrun or D20 Modern. This is set in 1941, during the apocalypse that was the Second World War.

    Now, there are fantasy elements to this. Magic. Elves. Dwarves. Panther tanks. Actually, disregard the last one, it's 1941, not 1943...

    Application thing-ma-jig:






    (What is your character good at?)

    Weaknesses: (The opposite of the above)




    Need I say more?

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    Name: Lt. Raknor Mackenzie-King 1st Platoon, 4th Company, 4th Battalion, 10th Infantry Division
    Gender: Male

    Race: Elf

    Allegiance: Canada

    Age: 170 - looks about 25

    Strengths: (What is your character good at?) Close quarters combat, survival, advanced military tactics, fighting from horseback, healing magic.

    Weaknesses: (The opposite of the above) Long range shooting, offensive magic, seamanship.

    Weaponry: M1 Garand, Webley Service Revolver, Bloodseeker (Cavalry Saber)

    Appearance: Tall, long blonde hair, muscular, scarred, green eyes.

    Biography: Lt. Raknor of the 1 Plt, 4th Coy, 4th Battalion of the 10th Infantry Division, which fought in france and is currently being deployed to Mersa Matruh, Egypt, to help in Operation Crusader. The men under his command respect him, as he has led them through many battles, and lost none from his platoon. He is looked at as a strong leader, who can calculate the outcome of a battle, while enbroiled in the middle of it.
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    Name: Pagan

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Allegiance: Illuminati

    Age: Somewhere between 20 and 40

    Strengths: Offensive and Illusion Magic, marksmanship with pistols and rifles (no automatic rifles).

    Weaknesses: Fist brawling, Defensive and Healing Magic, driving, the Illuminati's interests comes before anything else in Pagan's eyes.

    Weaponry: A knife (used for cutting throats, not close quarters combat), M1911 Colt pistol.

    Appearance: Shaved head with a rune on the neck, in the shape of a eye that is concealed with magic, long, dark blue coat, white shirt, black gloves, boots and a red tie.

    Biography: Not much is known about the man called Pagan (which is just a code name), other then that he's a member of a secret group of mages that have adapted the name Illuminati. Pagan's role in the group was to assassinate mages that have turned rogue, seeking to bring chaos and destruction with their magic instead of controlling it. Now the Illuminati have turned their attentions towards the Planar Gates, but for what reasons no one knows, but whatever it is they have decided to send Pagan to join the team that is going to shut them down.
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    Name: Captain Vierinissa K. Shadowstrider, 2nd Company, 2nd Rifle Brigade, 7th Armoured Division

    Gender: Female

    Race: Drow Elf

    Allegiance: United Kingdom

    Age: 150, looks about 19-20 in human terms

    + Accurate with an SMG up to 150 m
    + Able to take bullets, grit her teeth and keep going for some time after being shot
    + Good with defensive and healing magic
    + Excels at destroying undead
    + Decent with a rifle
    + Good with a tank gun
    + Resistant to magic
    + Good commander
    + Speaks fluent German, French and Russian, not to mention Elvish and Undercommon and her native English

    - Average with pistols
    - Average with a sword, not too well-trained yet
    - Relies on magic for long-range offence, unless she gets lucky with a rifle
    - Average driver
    - Average offensive magic

    Mark IIS Sten submachine gun
    ErMa Werke MP-40 submachine gun
    Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife
    "The Blade of Antwyr" - Longsword which she uses instead of her knife at times


    Vierinissa Shadowstrider was born in the then-village of Finchfield, in Wolverhampton, in 1791 to Shyntral and Neerdril Shadowstrider. She is 3rd in line to the Matronage of House Shadowstrider, before her mother and grandmother, Haelthrae. The current Matron Mother, Ilharess Jhulva, was born in 500 AD. Her parents' identity, as well as much of House Shadowstrider's ancestry before Jhulva, was lost in the mists of time. We know for sure that House Shadowstrider's first Matron Mother was around the time of Sumeria, at approximately 4000 BC, almost 6000 years before the current day, or about 4 times Jhulva's lifetime (she is 1441 years old, and as such is the oldest sentient being ever to have lived, passing even mythical creatures such as the Himalayan dragons... To think that Jhulva was born in the Kingdom of Essex to parents we don't know about, in times of bloodshed, famine and plague...

    Vierinissa's childhood and adolescence was spent in and around their ancestral lands in the Midlands of England, but whilst outwardly she was content to stay in England, in a talk to her mother, Neerdril, Vierinissa expressed a desire to see the world around her. During her education, she was trained in the divine and arcane arts, as well as literacy, science and arithmetic. She also learned fluent Russian, French and German from her father. In 1924, Vierinissa finally got her wish - she joined the British Army as a Lieutenant, stationed in El-Arish, then in Calcutta, and then finally as a 'liaison' in Fremantle, Australia. She was to spend an uneventful 12 years until 1936, when she was moved back to Aldershot Command and formed part of the 1st Infantry Division. On the outbreak of WWII, her division formed part of the British Expeditionary Force. During the fighting in France in 1940, Vierinissa was seriously injured several times as the BEF retreated towards Dunkerque. Eventually, she was evacuated from Dunkerque, although by this time it was no secret in her company (she had been promoted to Captain) that she was a powerful magic-wielder, having saved several of her company from near-death with her healing magic, not to mention herself.

    In December 1940, she was transferred to 2nd Company of the 2nd Rifle Brigade, attached to the 7th Armoured Division in North Africa, where she fought both Italian and German forces in the initial British attack and Italian retreat, and then the steady British withdrawal in the face of the DAK under Rommel. On 24th December, Vierinissa was in Mersa Matruh with the 10th Infantry Division (Canadian) when the planar gate opened in Africa. She and a mysterious elf were soon whisked away under the orders of General Maximilian Weissmuller. Vierinissa was outraged that she was subordinate to a German general, but her anger was cooled when she realised the intentions of the Pan-Global Alliance when they convened in Sweden...
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    Name: Sarin

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Allegiance: Formerly the Axis

    Age: 25

    Strengths: Extreme range Sniping, trap-setting, ambush tactics, recon, English

    Weaknesses: teamwork, trust, has a very slight case of borderline paranoia

    Weaponry: Carcano bolt action variant with a scope, better ammo capacity, and a range enhancement. A Bodeo Model 1889 as a side arm, and a trench knife

    Appearance: Sarin stands at about 6 feet 2 inches, with a lighter complexion that is common among northern Italians; he has brown hair that is no more than in inch long and stubble is growing along his jaw line. He weirs a battle-worn Italian uniform that has had its rank markings ripped off, extra ammo is stored in pouches on a sash around his left shoulder

    Biography: Born in a small town outside Venice Sarin grew up hunting in the forest around his home, when the threat of war began to loom he joined with the army his marksmanship and ability to move in near silence soon gained him the attention of the leader of a small band of snipers, whose primary mission was to infiltrate and eliminate difficult targets. A string of successes soon began to follow him around leading to more and more difficult missions; it was here on one of these missions deep within France when the Gates opened. The resulting confusion killed the rest of his squad leaving Sarin, now thought dead to search for his own way back home
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    Name: Fiona Achen, "Black Fox"

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Allegiance: formerly an axis but became a mercenary

    Age: 175

    Strengths: Stealth
    Excellent with most guns for medium to long range
    above average Defensive magic
    Usually very aware
    Uses her gut feeling
    Parachuting and flying

    Weaknesses: Is only decent with a pistol
    Average explosives
    Knows some mixed martial arts but she is bad at close quarters
    Not a good tank or armored vehicle driver or user
    Tends to try more risky things
    Uses her gut feeling
    Average offensive magic

    Weaponry: Mp-40
    Colt M1911
    brass knuckles
    Mk-2 grenade


    Biography: One of the best soldiers Germany had at one time until she was deemed a threat. After completing multiple missions but with very sketchy results some in which in turn cost multiple lives Hitler deemed her a s a threat. He sent a team of men to kill her but she was able to somehow escape, and now works as a mercenary to any commanders. Has done some assassinations, is a very good shot and usually gets the job done but wont assassinate leaders. Because she is a mercenary though she has become hated among both sides so she usually spends her time following battles doing what she has to to stay alive. When she was a baby she was left at the door of a house in Berlin in which she was taken in. Her mother still watched over her everyday and secretly helped "convince" the two people she knew as her parents to get her ready for battles and train her as she grew up she realized that she was not human it was then her mom came out of hiding and took care of her herself. Her mother disappeared one night leaving Fiona alone to fend for herself.

    Fiona joined the military showing them however her skills quickly made her way up in the ranks, but at the same time making many enemies formerly an officer of the Fallschirmjager until she was taken out and put into the 32nd division, she has found more elves since then and been able to find out more about her and her race, however to this day she lives usually either on the run or on a job to be apart of a group of soldiers or to be in a solo operation.
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