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Thread: Side-events in the Academy.

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    Default Side-events in the Academy.

    This event takes place off the coast of Gallia, while the tournament was going on outside Transberg in Temrald, thus it will take a while before the news of this event reaches Transberg.

    The sun stood high up in the sky, making the water around the two boats glitter from the sunshine. These ships belonged to King Pierre, King of Gallia, and he had decided that today he would hold a feast off the shores of Gallia, as he felt that the tournament, which his own son had decided to go to against his will, was being held to mock him, and not to celebrate Prince Rudolph’s birthday. It was like that with King Pierre, that he felt that anything that others made was to mock him, and thus he had to do better. He had decided to hold a feast on his two grandest galley’s, to show off his might and that he had the money to do so. He was a paranoid baztard, which no one could deny yet no one dared to say, as it meant death in Gallia to mention the king’s faults.

    Instead of inviting in the lords and nobles of Gallia, he had decided to hold it as a private party for himself, his wife, his bodyguards and a couple of lucky performers. The main party was going on the galley which Pierre was on, while a smaller one was taking place on the other galley, where the Queen of Gallia was, a young woman from a prestigious house in Gallia who had the honor of being Pierre’s fifth wife. Those who was on Pierre’s ship was two soldiers in armor, a performing sharpshooting archer, two fist-fighters, two jesters, Pierre’s personal mage Lucius, three musicians and thirty or so crewmembers. The story will now be told from the perspective of the mage Lucius’ perspective, to give the story more feelings in it.

    The archer pulled back his arrow, breathing easily to get more accuracy for the upcoming shot. I had told him well what would happen if he disappointed King Pierre, which he been sure to remember up till now. It was completely silent on the ship, so that no one could interrupt the archer. The sound of the miniature catapult echoed across the ship as it lunged away a big pumpkin. The archer set his gaze upon it and fired away his arrow, which pierced through the pumpkin, making it splatter into pieces before landing in the water. The cheers and the joyful music started to play again. King Pierre started to laugh and clapped his hands in amazement. “Lucius, remind me to find myself more archers like him when we get back. If I had a hundreds of men or so like him our army would be invincible!” King Pierre said to me in Gallian. He found no joy in speaking in Commoner, as it was a simple language that anyone could learn, but Gallian was something only Gallians could truly master. Indeed, King Pierre was proud of his kingdom, claiming it to be the best of them all and all the other kingdoms was nothing but over glorified s**t holes and brothels. This was something I did not agree with him, like many things, but I knew that even I would lose my head if I said otherwise, so I nodded to him and started to watch the spectacle again. The two jesters was in the process of humiliating themselves with a ridiculous dance, which involved kicking each other’s butts and make obscure sounds with their armpits and mouths. At least King Pierre was enjoying the show, like the rest of the crew. Out of everyone on the ship, it was just me, the archer and the two bodyguards that could be considered armed, everyone else was wearing simple clothing that belonged to their professions. Finally, King Pierre called off the jesters and commanded the unarmed combatants to step up. Fist fighting was at least something to be proud of, unlike jesters who did nothing but strange dances, rude faces and inappropriate jokes. The music died down, except for the drummer that started to drum with a slow beat. “Fight fare and fight well!” said King Pierre to the combatants, as they gave the other one a friendly punch on each other’s fists.

    The beat started to pick up the pace as the combatants started to circle each other’s and then charged against each other’s, commencing in trying to wrestle down the other one. People were cheering on for the two fighters, which had stopped the wrestling after a minute and had begun with punching each other’s on the chest and on the face. I could see that King Pierre was enjoying the show, as he smiled like a little child who just got a treat. I was happy that he was enjoying himself, which meant that no one be punished later on. I looked up to the sky, smiling that the day was so perfect. But something caught my attention. I saw a shiny object flying in the air, like a small bottle or something which had been thrown from the other side of the ship, and was heading towards the main mast. I got up from my seat, which was next to King Pierre’s seat, to get a better look at it. It was like time had slowed down for me. It was like that until the bottle shattered on the main mast. Like the blast from an explosive spell, ice was spreading all over the ship, engulfing everything and everyone in barely a second. I charged up a wall of fire in front of me the king. Those who had been saved from the ice was me, the king, the archer and the two bodyguards, everyone else was frozen solid. They didn’t even have time to react, as the sailors was cheering on the two brawlers, the jesters was doing something obscure over by the drummer that was about to drum a new beat. Everything except for what was behind my wall of fire, which I had removed, was frozen solid. I could see that the others were as terrified as I was, especially King Pierre. The archer started to slowly walk towards the ice. As he took a step on the frozen part of the ship, a loud rumble could be heard. Like earlier when I first saw the bottle, everything went slower as the ship started to slowly fall apart, even the people.

    And from the ice came a man charging for us, with a dagger in each hand. It was a large man, with really big arms and a small, bald head. He had a leather chest on him, with belts with throwing knives and other objects on them hanging around his chest. The archer pulled out an arrow from his quiver and aimed for the man, who was clearly out to kill King Pierre. The boat started to shake, which lead to that the arrow with a frozen sailor, shattering him into pieces. The large man dodged the second arrow by taking a step to the side and made a roll in the air to the side, as the arrow flew under his back. Before the brave archer could grab his third arrow, the large man pierced his chest with one of the knives, killing him off instantly. The two bodyguards assumed a defensive position, but they didn’t have a stable footing. The first bodyguard tried to slash the large man, but he leaned towards the left and cut up his throat with one of the daggers. The other one wasn’t able to raise his sword before blood spurted out from his throat. I was the only one between him and King Pierre. I charged up a destructive bolt of magic and fired it towards the assassin. But he grabbed the second bodyguard as he was falling for the ground and put him in in between me and him. The bodyguard exploded into a mist of blood, completely obliterating him, and through the mist came the assassin, without a single drop of blood on him (except for his daggers). Before I could do anything, he slashed my chest up. I flew backwards, onto the cabin door, gliding down to the floor. The wound was deep and I knew that I would die soon, but not after witnessing Pierre’s horrible fate.

    King Pierre stood there, terrified by the large assassin with blood dripping down from his daggers. Pierre tried to jump into the water, but the assassin grabbed him by one of his golden necklaces, dragging him in front of me. Pierre cried like a small child, until the dagger was buried deep into his throat. The second cut severed the head from the body, which landed with a thump on the deck. The assassin tied the head to his belt and jumped off the ship. I had failed to protect my king, but I knew that I would at least die in mere seconds without having to bear the consequences. The last thing I ever laid my eyes upon was the assassin’s cold, yellow eyes.
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    I congratulate anybody who gets to the end of that...

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    dude, this thread is mostly for those of us that are in the academy 3.0. if you can't really read all that post, then don't. its for those of us in the actual rp.


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