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Thread: Help! I'm Blind!

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    Unhappy Help! I'm Blind!

    Well Hello Dear Evo GFX again!

    Only popping in for a quick one, and wow, impressed on the new layout (or possibly old lay out, its been a while!) and on some of the artwork ive seen passing through! Glad to see people still going strong.

    Anyway, the reason for my visit,

    Back in the olden days of the brown forums, there was a thread, that held lots of different pack, and places to go for certain GFX related items.
    I cannot remember what it was called, or who started it but it was a god send. In this thread some kind person had posted a pack of fonts, it was a LARGE font pack, but it made my GFX life al ot easier!

    I now have my new sparkly purple laptop and an newer version of PS and i wanna go play! So i would really like those fonts again.
    Ive tried looking through the archives and through the stickies but well it would appear i am blind and useless as ive been unable to find them *sob*
    Any help would be great.

    Some of the older guys on here have me on Skype so if you have anything you think might help feel free to shout at me and i should appear.

    Thank you for reading and a massive thank you if you can help.

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    That's right, you are blind. And you never ever get on skype anymore.

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    Lol Acer I think I'm going Blind from the Purple

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    Idk but here's the massive pack I downloaded when I got my new lappy:!.rar
    Others I got from

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    wow, so many cool sigs in here, lol
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