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Thread: Dacia VS Rohan - Battle for CM2's hub. (with pics of the battlefield)

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    Default Dacia VS Rohan - Battle for CM2's hub. (with pics of the battlefield)

    Ok im gonna give a little bit of a back story here. For those of you who have been following my various threads Dacia has been waring Rohan for quite some time, with Rohan being mostly angry farm citys, we have normally left it to a few hitters to deal with them since they arnt that powerful hitter wise, and Crucifix is a far bigger priority and has much bigger citys to deal with.

    For about a month, my Brother SDMF and alliance mate Danger 12 have been camped out in crazyman2's hub. which is probally the biggest rohan hub i know of.

    Last week 2 more of our guys, Hubsmasher and TsarGogs both ported citys in to Deal with CM2s hub, so SDMF decided to Go after Etrolio and his massive war cith (but thats a story for another another thread) and for a few days not a real lot happened. Till yesterday, A few Rohan accounts loaded with scouts ported in and broke the gates of Danger, Hub and Gogs, and descouted em.

    When i got on that afternoon i ported my war city in, which was a tad heavier then i normally carry as i had built up to Hit Kohn, But i couldn't find his war city, So i was burning about 430 mill food an hour. I decided to take on one of the citys that was still there, a fellow named Krazy. He had about 35 mill scouts, 400k arch, and 600k ballista, 100k rams. So for rohan, he was fairly heavy.

    I ported in an took a city beside him to spam from so i could use main mechers.

    just before the first set landed, i broke his gates open, and this is the reports from that battle. - opening mech wave. - 2ndary mech to wipe rams
    then followed by a tonne of mechdbreakers.

    2nd set was full mechD breakers and i got no reports.

    i thought he might have rein'd more rams since i was getting fairly low exp, so i sent another mech, but no it turns out im used to hitting pults as well as ballys in a mechD and since i was throwing so many mechs incase of reins (up to 20k mechs a wave) i wasnt getting 0 honour loss hits.

    So when i worked this out i did another set and got a report, and realised he was almost out of abitis, so i did another set hoping to wipe the abitis and to my surprise the last 3 waves came home, The gate breaker wore off, so he closed gates, and was now online if he wasnt earlyer.

    He started building abitis, and killed 125k of my trans, and a mech, SO i had a mate throw fleet feet on, and i sent 2x mechs, and spammed cavs till the mechs hit, He got an abitis up for 1 mech, but the other got this: - Nice little tradefire with his ballys.

    He then didn't open gates again. Missed a 34 mill scout kill by like 2 sets *sad face*
    Then i saw my scouts drop and again and again, i saw a report in the "other" tab and i realised what had happened, someone broke my gates and was descouting me, so i used the fleet feet to run 18.5 mill scouts 1.4 miles to my lvl 10 barb next door, (they got about 2.5 mill scouts, thank you fleet feet)

    They then broke the gates on my second city, So i ported it out, and redistributed my main hero to see how good these guys were.

    it turns out, kellykikum had war ported 1 mile from my war city, (hence the descouting, from the report i got from him with the 1x scout i was building to move heros out he had about 1.5 mill listas and 400k pults, quite a few mill scouts)

    I grabbed my flat from where id just ported the 2nd city out. but kelly grabbed it off me. Kelly sent a first set of 3x waves that looked something like this: - the mech waves he sent
    *its worth noting i moved all my cavs/layers out when they started hitting* - a lot of these were sent by Krazy and Kelly.
    not coordinated so they all ended like that. Plus a pile of scoutbombs. it was at this point i realized my main mecher now had more attack then my main hero since hes redistributed to Intel so i ran him back to my other towns.

    Kelly then re scouted since i had no scouts he got a report (since id ported my scouts out) - that snuck in so after that i healed and moved rest of layers to a nearby forest. (Which worked out rather well, ill explain later) - At this point Timothyray ported in to where my 2ndary city was. He was carrying about 2 mill lista, 1.1 mill pults and heavy other troops, but i had more archers then the lot of them. (Hes Haunted castle covered the forest my layers were hiding in, so they never noticed they were there hehehe)

    They still wernt coordinating but were sending assorted waves so heres my defense: playing a pretty standard intelCD - i forgot to move workers and warriors, but didn't have a real lot there so didn't bother me. - another one. - shed a tear for my poor workers

    Timmy tried to sneak some pony's in, but since nothing else was landing at the time i switched walls over briefly to take the wave

    Kelly's next set was about 6-7 of these:

    Then a set of about 5 of these:

    All the while Krazy was still bombing away (he probally did the most damage of the 3 of them and had the least troops)

    Timmys 2nd set of mechs arrived (again uncoordinated) - The best mecher Timmy threw - which meant i didn't get walls up in time for this one.

    At this point it was getting quite late, and i had work the next day so i told em to do a big set to give me a bit of a challenge. It certainly was a big one, But again, Not coordinated, By this point the gate breaker had been worn off for about 20 min. Krazy was scoutbombing me with 125k bombs the whole time (hence drop in archer numbers)
    Kellys last set: - the largest hero Kelly sent - interesting choice of attack

    Krazy's Last hit (he didnt have the mechs left to do a set like timmy or Kelly)

    Timmys Last Set: - another of those interesting waves - and another - another with slightly more rams - and another with the more rams - he really likes these waves apparently

    My brother did offer to let me drop honour from his mates warrior city, but i decided after the 2nd wave these guys would need the heal.

    End result:
    Total losses on my side:
    about 60k warriors, about 50k workers, about 20k pikes, about 500k archers, about 4.5 mill scouts. about 400k ballista, 200k pults (those were lost hitting Krazy in assorted mech waves and mechD breakers, as well as about 2 mill of the scouts lost)

    Total losses on Rohan's side:
    Kellykikum: assuming 65% the whole time, he would still have lost a few 100k each mech, and a few 100k arch, as well as a mill or 2 scouts.
    Krazy: 10% heal since i hit him first, He would have been left with about 70k ballista after heal so a loss of 530k lista, and quite a few mill scouts (he killed most of the 500k archers)
    timothyray: a mill or so scouts, at least 300k pults/rams after heal, maybe the same in ballista. also would have had a 65% heal

    and i gained a whopping 102 mill honour.

    To the rohan guys who im sure will see this thread, Work on coordination guys, Wont ever beat an intel CD without some form of coordination. You had to get me down to roughly 2.05 mill arch before you would start tradfiring with my pults so You would have been there for HOURS. (i was allready there for about 6 hours when i holidayed.)

    I Look forward to round 2

    NOW For the screenys, The battlefield!!!!

    Reds visible in pic:

    Flag - DHA2 = DHA2
    Flag - DHA3 = DHA3
    Flag - NMS1 = Petejones (from alliance nemisis1, nothing to do with rohan, hes over the border)
    Flag - INCU = MaxCreeve

    Pic 2: shows the locations of the enemy war citys:

    pic 3: some more of the hub:

    Red Flags:
    SMD - Crazyman2
    Flag (The lvl 5 npc) - OralAv8R (1.2 bill prestiger)
    Rohn - Cocoram (2 citys)
    other red flags are just filler accs

    GREEN flags:
    AK47 - Hubsmasher
    BATL - Danger12
    Blah - Tsargogs

    Pic 4:

    RED Flags:
    CROM - BalderDash (war city)
    IRON - xBALAKx
    other red flags are just filler accs

    Again Green flags are:
    AK47 - Hubsmasher (He has all 10 citys here to break up the hub)

    pic 5:

    RED Flags of note:
    HOOD - TheHood (1.2 bill prestiger)

    Green Flags:
    BATL - Danger12
    AK47 - Hubsmasher

    Blue flag
    Not sure who that is, but its a player of the name of Elrond.
    The hub is bigger, but more pics would take more posts so that gives you a fair idea of the sea of red we are in.
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    Weeeee pretty pictues

    haha nice battle

    By the amazing Luda

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    Great ram kill and great defend except those wars and work kill

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    very nice defending ill say =)


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