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    Well, now being addicted to a show is not good. Being addicted to a stupid, moronic portrayal of the moron elite? -- even worse. Rick? still a poothead, Darel? still taint got none from whozit, blonde fitz? still a ditz, old hippie farmer? okay for a conscience, I suppose, the kid? at least he wont have to worry about growing up paying out the arse for ACA, the dude and the hot chick?, still have this odd feeling there is a train wreck in their future. Kay that is the old cast .. the new cast? PUHLEEEEEEZE, if you are in a zombie 'pocylips, and you decide to give up booze? do it quietly, MORON!!!! and chickendip, you get the hot girl ... how? How in Darwin's evolutional selection do you get the hot chick? HMMM? I aint never.
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