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    with rally spot full, load up troops in que, say put 6 heavy infantry and 30 thieves behind it.
    You will notice that troops train even though the ralley spot if full.
    so go fight a battle, come back clear the 6 heavy infantry from the troop que. and all or most of your 30 thieves build instantly (depends on how long it has been since you put them in there with a full ralley spot.)
    I have done this about 5 times now.

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    I just logged in and tried to upgrade something, and I got a server error box as soon as upgrade began. It reclogged my browser, and now no upgrade being done now, and I'm restored some of the goods I spent. I am still shorted a decent amount of goods and coins. Now I don't have enough to do the upgrade I tried to do.
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    Game is frozen loading at 100% and has been so for 2 days. very annoying.


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