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Thread: Latest patch is failing

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    Default Latest patch is failing

    Okay, so a screen popped up saying that a great game just got better and when i clicked the button, it reloaded and now the match play fails.

    At the end of each match, an error box pops up and the game reloads with all conditions the same as before the match.

    Try it again. Maybe test the whole game before releasing another patch.

    This bug looks pretty basic, like a stack crash or pointer error.

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    And yet another patch has failed.

    I logged in after the unannounced maintenance and found an announcement in the mail which was not there before the server disconnected.

    Long story short, the gems offered did not get deposited and the assistant screen was a dismal failure.

    I suspect bad code or some simple coding error that slipped by.

    The server appears to be down again, or the login routine died, or there is some other code failure going on.

    I can't believe this game is anywhere close to being ready for another release.

    Good luck figuring things out.

    Maybe the code will get tested before another patch is inflicted on the players.


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