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Thread: NA53 Game0n Elite Players Only!

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    Default NA53 Game0n Elite Players Only!

    Welcome, we are Game0n and are looking for active and experienced members for the upcoming server, NA53

    My mates and I plan on taking a top alliance on NA53 when released. I have been playing Evony for a little over 4 years now, and am only looking for other experienced players to start this alliance with. I currently am active, but plan to make NA53 my main server. I have been in every position of an alliance, from host down to member. I have successfully created a training alliance for a multi-alliance coalition. While making the trainees prosper and sending them off to the "real" alliances, I also managed diplomacy between these 3 families of alliances with nearly 8 alliances in total. I have a proclivity for Diplomacy, and therefore am searching for others to lead and excel in other departments.

    Plans For the Future
    - Positions within Game0n will be based upon merit alone
    - We need, and will only accept, full time players, not weekend warriors
    - Will start alliance with existing members before server opening, filling it out with players picked up from the server
    - God willing, we will make a second alliance to place our less fortunate members in.

    Contact Details
    - Talk to me on Skype
    - Email me at
    - Talk to me on forum account na52
    Posted for a Friend. It is not my alliance so please do not contact me. Contact him with the above details.

    Na47 - PoTaToHeAdbest - 7
    Na50 - SKORPIAN - 427
    Na55 - Potatoes - 7

    Retired from All Servers

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    Well, I plan on sucking on NA53. My alliance is not recruiting, and we aren't interested in any elite members at all as they are so hard to find these days, so good luck with your search. I would like to say thank you in advance to Game0n alliance for all the resources that i'm going to get from you guys though, and for building so many cities for my alts for me. It is comforting knowing that you are going to be there for me and my comrades. I hope that you are able to recruit many farmers for us, because lord knows that we are going to need them, and once again thank you
    ~ Splatty(na53)
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