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Thread: Na54 Alliance Recruitment - Elite Players Only.

  1. Default Na54 Alliance Recruitment - Elite Players Only.

    So our alliance X was doing okay on na52 but something was missing... something we can get more of for na54... What was it you ask? More Warmachine!

    I had some real life events that prevented me from being fully dedicated to na52 so I am planning on hitting na54 like a boss!!

    Add me on skype for more details: carl.adams84

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    if your on na54 when it opens ill see about joining as been waiting a month for it to open allready lol
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    I hope to see everyone on na54! We currently have 30 some odd people awaiting na54 on skype. If you would like to join in hit me up on skype carl.adams84

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    Am still undecided - I left 52 and 53 due to server issues/lag etc. If anything's been fixed in the last month or two then I may give it a go.

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    Yeah, the lag on 52 was impossible. It caused many people to leave.

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    warrior when you are online please pm me or add me need to talk about NA 54 thought we would have more time....
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    Yo wassup guys, how is your alliance doing?

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    Did the preperation pay off?


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