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Thread: Fighting for the heart and soul of cc4

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    Default Fighting for the heart and soul of cc4

    Since day 2 of cc4 there was a battle raging over Rome and whether the game would be reduced to bot spamming to fight or to fight manually. Sadly as of last night the botters won, to paraphrase a song, I fought the bots, and the bots won. It was a long hard fight with little sleep and degenerated to the botters sending from their main accounts only once the walls had been cleared by their numerous bots. The lag yesterday was so bad that it was taking a minute to dismiss a hero, someone were much quicker and only took 15 seconds to dismiss a hero. Twice the game locked up when I tried to delete all the war reports from the botted spam. Dawnseeker will likely tell me to blame the botters, I do not as they are only doing what Evony allows them to do.

    From Rome on every battle for every hc will be with botted spam with the guy with the most alts winning. Evony has been in a death spiral and allowing combat to now be overran with botting. To most people the combat is the reason for the game and if the opponent sets up 8 to 10 cities to constantly spam the walls then there is no combat.

    Dawnseeker would have us blame the botters for the lag and claim that they will temp block the botters and open their gates. Yet put in a report and you will find that they will not tell you the disposition of a reported player and the war reports prove that they will never ban a single bot spammer.

    I am not complaining about losing the city as everyone's cities should be at risk, nor even losing it to bot spammers. I am complaining about Evony's decision to allow players to use the bot to do their attacking for them. Combat is the heart and soul of Evony and thanks to Evony's lack of action against the bot spammers the heart and soul has been stripped from cc4.

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    So its ok for ppl(you) to defend with a bot and use it to text for forever and a day, but its criminal to use it to counter that abuse of the bot?


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