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Thread: Pull out your wallets fridays

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    Default Pull out your wallets fridays

    thought since here offer evony a grandest suggestion ever ever

    Scenario is sandfly gets home from a hard week of servicing womanly needs he been a very good evony free laborer and kept his evony cities in prestige form but oh no another day of up keeping cities to maintain prestige form when really he just wants to shower evony with his weeks earnings but has no time then one day evony comes up with a brilliant idea

    FREE UP KEEP FRIDAYS oh my god says sandfly i get to pull out my wallet and have a day to plan out my strategic play for the weekend without having the need to farm taking focus away from what fun would be able to pull out the wallet neglected by farming

    sandfly draws up his pie graph maps and bar graphs works out needs 80302702 ports 8200828 other items and thinks oh well it is FREE UP KEEP FRIDAY why not so the free food day sets him up for the active weekend play

    only issue is by monday only one left alive on server is sandfly and sits there patiently waiting for the next server merge

    FREE UP KEEP FRIDAYS A $$$$$$ MAKER FOR EVONY and all womenkind will say thanks sandfly for F.U.K day YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!

    THE END..................... watery dream brought to you by sandfly ^^
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    sandfly and frenz: sandfly u r the bestest friend ever there could never be another to fill your big shoes

    sandfly: wow guys that caught me by surprise im blushing your welcome .........sandfly


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