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Thread: s186 down?

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    Default s186 down?

    is this server still down since maintenance?

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    Nobody cares since this server is a ghost server due to the lag... maybe it just retired. Thanks Evony

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    Has anyone else just lost all their items and coins since new promo? looks like evony rolled back the server with the long maint but dont see any info on it anywhere?

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    yeah, my main hero rolled back 15 levels... IDIOTIC EVONY STRIKES AGAIN

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    Evony, can we please have a response about this issue? Everyone has lost things they had built or acquired yesterday when you reset the server to 24 hours previous. I, for one, purchased a package yesterday and it was delivered to me - then it was wiped out when you did the reset. I would like either my money or my package back. SOON. Thank-you.

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    Evony please tell us what the *** happen over maintenance to make u roll back the server 24 hrs
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    Still no word from evony on them stealing our coins etc? anyone had a responce


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