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Thread: Radu WarCity is Toast

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    Default Radu WarCity is Toast

    Radu's WarCity is Toast:

    Well the way this started is Radu a member of L3TH4L (Ranked #1) decided to port his/her War City out of his/her Hub and attack a member of Virtue_230 (Ranked #2). So A1am who is one of Virtue_230 Vice Hosts ported into the middle of the Hub and another member port to outer edge of the Hub and hit Radu's War City, while A1am hit his/her other city. The Attackers were TWINKIE (A1am) and Speadle (Schaun) and the rest is History.

    Pictures of the Hub after the Invasion:

    Radu's War City outside edge of the Hub: (Truce) ---------> Scout Report ---------> 921K Archers Killed -------> 757K Archers Killed --------> 1.1 Million Archers Killed --------> 2 Million Mixed troops Killed --------> 920K Archers Killed --------> 1 Million Archers Killed --------> 1.1 Million Archers Killed

    Radu's Support City in the Middle of the Hub: --------> Scout Report ---------> 121K Catapults Killed ---------> 79K Catapults Killed ---------> 78K Rams Killed ---------> 144K Catapults Killed ----------> 135K Ballista Killed ----------> 244K Ballista Killed ----------> 105K Ballista Killed ----------> 5.2 Million Scouts Killed ----------> 1.8 Million Mixed troops Killed -----------> 128K Rams Killed all Troops Killed Last Hit

    I would like to Thank TWINKIE (A1am) Speadle (Schaun) Nice work behind enemy lines

    Great Work Again!!!

    Host Virtue_230
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    well what can i say but well done and you guys rock n roll

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    I don't see where you took out his warcity.

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    i told A1am a hundred times use better heroes lol then i found out he atkd so often he had just run out of heroes lol
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    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.


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