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    Not to be a noodge, but on March 14 (12 days ago), i reported a bug. Even though my food was running positive, food was actually being DEDUCTED by the positive amount. No, I'm not running red. No, I'm not having troops camping out anywhere. It is running negative. I turn here because it appears you (EVONY) have closed the ticket on my request and have yet to fix it. I know this is not the proper forum, but if you have closed the ticket, where can i possibly go. The following is your (Evony) last response:

    Leon Mar 19 2015, 12:49 AM
    Recently you submitted a bug report. All bug reports receive direct attention by the Evony Team. We are aware of the bug you have reported is known and we are currently collecting information about it. We appreciate our players taking the time to submit reports that constantly bring us closer to correcting bugs. A staff member has reviewed this report, and will be adding it to our logs.
    Thank you for your report and for playing Evony,
    Best Regards,
    Evony Team

    As you can see, that was 11 days ago. The ticket number is 893600elshcx. At this point, i would like the approximate 20 mill in food i have lost due to the bug and the creative ways i have been made to use in order to keep the bug from taking all my food. This bug makes the game rather difficult to play because when I send out troops, i run even more negative. Would you kindly fix this thing. I played this game several years ago and a similar thing happened. At the time, I was a paying customer and the fix was implemented in 2 days. Now i am not. After 12 days, I have a strong feeling you have no intention to fix this at all. Is this the way you (Evony) do business now? Can you fix the darn thing? NOW?


    PS By the way, I wasn't able to use the proper prefix because it was not available as a choice under your prefixes. It should be NA55. Do please get your (Evony) act together. Thank you.

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    Im disappointed i expected a thread about dung beetles vs wasps or praying mantis eating birds... or even a tarantula killing a rabbit even tho its not even technically a bug i would have prefered it to this
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    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.

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    Alas, I too was hoping for some sort of amusing insect anecdote with pictures...

    Sounds like Benevolent isn't worth farming on 55....
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    turning to forum is the same chance of reply by sending in a ticket...... maybe more for the ticket. be prepare for thanks for the info we are going to collect it "soon"

    notice the soon. to evony soon is 1-4 months

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    bugs do suck lol

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    Where can I report a bug/glitch? I've sent a couple of tickets ... no answer .... Was Evony completly abandoned?
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