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Thread: Issues with CA1

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    Default Issues with CA1

    Since maintenance a couple of days ago. I had a vesta on at the time before maintenance hit. Was unable to login until the next morning and discovered I lost my vesta and all my troops that were out farming or storing food in valleys. I've put in a request to tech support who claim this is a latency issue with the marketplace (o,0) and to not submit any more tickets on the issue as this will slow down the fix.

    Others have lost all troops as well. Is there any idea of what is going on? The server is currently down (again) I've been trying for several hours today, just checking on it.

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    Market place not working, can't scout, can't attack, can't build walls

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    So nothing? No reply, no compensation? The entire server stuck for three days and everyone looses millions or in some cases billions of food and troops?

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    I submitted a ticket weeks ago regarding my deleted "inactive" account and haven't had a single message back.. can anyone suggest next step?

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    Ca1 still has not come back up from Maintenance. Is anyone looking into why it is still down? We haven't seen anyone from Evony acknowledge this. We have also noticed a lot of small cities with 4 prestige just showing up all over the map in the last week. I did see a player in wc named Jesus claiming that they are going to get the gov back from us. Could it be all the account creations that 7734 and 89 are doing that have caused this. Last time I remember this happening in 2015 the 89 alliance was spam locking accounts. Evony blamed the marketplace on the reason server maintenance was taking 5-6 hours. We are currently at about 14 hours now for maintenance.

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    Unable to log into Ca1... I'm trying all day!
    PLEASE advise

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    haha coming from the hotpants coalition. 7734 Destroyer

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    Hi there fellow evonians and evony staff,

    this will be my last post on this forum and my last day one evony.

    I gave my account to a friends who has been using it in the "good guys" coalition to counter on our enemy's on ca1.
    Beside the usual slender in world chat and on this forum, which seems to be part of the game they do their best to win.
    However today they have reached another all time low. My so called coalition wanted to beat down reds by locking their accounts so they could no longer log their acc's.
    All for the idea of being able to win the server. That this would mean that they would need to go to an old time low in cheating could not bother them at all.

    By doing this they created over 90k (yeah you did read it right 90.000) acc's on ca1 that made the server crash after maint and to this point is still not active.
    I hope Evony will investigate since it was the same coalition who had cpl of their acc's banned 2 years ago for doing the same (Raul Mora, aka DJRipper got his stuff banned to)

    The 2 people i hold responsible and got skype proof for it are my alliance member Jesus from 7734 "aka Ben Cox from England" and Em1n1m "aka Matthew Iverson, from Fargo North Dakota +1 701 239 4652),
    they have stept to an all time low and need to be stopped, their quest to win by any means possible has to be stopped before they do more damage to a game i used to love.

    CA1 is down for more then 12 hrs already and people who want to play can't play anymore because of these 2, please evony and fellow evonians put a stop to this.

    Take care i am out,


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    ROFLMAO good imagination and post, now lets stick to facts.

    Iliad, SirX, Malicious and Napoleon are hitting an account that can't log in due to the spam attacks from thousands of accounts.

    They are spamming 99,171 and are attacking 33,33 (both held by the same account of ours) while he can't log in.

    Why won't you guys punish this incredibly unfair method of cheating despite repeated reporting on several occasions of them doing this with screen shots?!?

    PS. I shared with staff a link to the python script that the cheats from Alliance 1 and Alliance 2018 are using. Evony should sue them for making them lose thousands of dollars while breaking the server. PS, for those using the program, the proxies that is used are not anonymous and they leak your ip. I hope that you realize that.
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    Wow Richard! You really are out of touch with reality. First of all, you aren't a member of 7734 so wouldn't have any Skype chat from us. Second, if 7734 or En1n1m were making those 150,000 spam accounts each night, these accounts wouldn't be spamming 7734 members. Mavhatter, Jesus, Salamander and I have had so much 1 wo spam sent to our accounts that we get locked out. Oh, I forgot HarryDeDog who not only got locked out by spam this week but then had SirX, Malicious, Illiad and Napoleon seriously trying to take his L14 while he couldn't defend it. (which they were still unsuccessful doing). If Evony is going to investigate those thousands of baby accounts made daily it should look to 2018 and 1 alliances.
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