As many might not know from the lack of communication, Evony "Patched" a few servers. An update: I know, it's weird!

This recent Patch includes:
- Marching troops that have random arrivals and can return from 5mins to 4-8hrs after they land.
- Random queue times than can finish from 5mins to 4-8hrs after predicted train time.
- Random wall build times from 5mins to 4-8hrs after predicted build time.
- Other minor updates include random complete times for buildings and market bids.

The Issue:
The lack of predictability and the range that ingame activities can randomly arrive or finish has become extremely overwhelming.

Possible Solutions:
- Predictability is good, so add an arrival time to the solid completion bar. It just looks like lag right now.
- Decrease the range of the randomness; maybe a range of 5mins to 1hr instead of half a day.
- Remove Patch so completion times are as shown in game and no longer different.

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Others believe that this isn't really a Patch and that it's really just multiple servers on the same machine both using auto-account-creation programs to overflow the data being processed.

Many of us don't feel like the Evony Devs are responding on customer tickets concerning the above issues, so please feel free to forward this over to someone who can help and thank you for taking the time to look into this.

For additional thoughts, please discuss further.

Thanks you.