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Thread: Some easy fixes with a major impact.

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    Default Some easy fixes with a major impact.

    Age 2 has many nice features, the down fall is capping heros. Its the sole reason age 1 still exists... Many players in age 2, I'm sure want capped heros. so simply start some age 2 servers with uncapped heros.

    Than it needs to be understood that the game hits a wall, once players hit level 10 buildings, and 10 citys. That for the longterm playability of the game, the game must adapt and continue to grow.

    The simple solution is every month, possibly every 2 months. that level 1 npc valleys and castles are removed from the game, insert level 11, which means the enemy becomes more difficult, so after 5-10 months, all the level 5 npc villages, are gone, the players must continue to up there game. each month effects the players, all buildings can now reach level 11 with a mich script, and 10 can be done normaly (its now obsolete and not state of the art), this means your rally point gets bigger, every aspect of the game escalates to a higher level. so in 5 months to 10 months, you would have 150k troops useable by 1 hero, with a war banner 187.5k troops can be sent per hero.

    This helps monetize the game better. because much of the money is made initially off a server. In the system outlined above they pay monthly for mich scripts. your looking at 10 town halls, 10 walls, 10 rally points, guideline speed ups, being able to buy and equip more heros. The caps hurt the gameplay lon term, and the games financing, its a barrier that would be nice to see go.

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    man no matter how bad and unresponsive evony is somehow people still believe they will change, add, listen, talk, help, improve, etc the game........ go find a game where the owners are not shady and tell them improvements lol

    P.S if they were listening, They would not do this as it would require not only work/new code (where would they steal it from?) but would take time to
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    just about all games have non responsive devs... this game is reaching the point where it dies, at that point a developer is like the money train ends, and trys to stop it, or lets it die. I'm curious what type they are, with a few changes it could come back to life again.

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    it's pretty easy to see they are letting it die very very slowly lol

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    i cant believe this game isn't already dead lol


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