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I believe the word was, we are happy top have killed the city. There was no mention of pride anywhere on my post However this thread is in response to this one http://bbs.evony.com/showthread.php?...to-Evony/page3 So I can assume then that we both did terribly based on your standards? They took a week as well to clear the 400 million archers. Food is of no consequence when as mentioned before smaller players are the ones hitting. Servers are dead a week or a month to take down a target is relative. If you played age2 you would quickly learn that attacks is a matter of preference. If a city is on compact and has an intel HH defending. 125k archers will kill perhaps 20k archers, where as 125k listas may kill maybe 45k archers. The difference is that one lista is worth 8 archers, materials wise. Time wise I do not remember exactly how much longer it takes to build a lista over an archer. You want to waste listas then good for you We used archers and they were as effective and we still have our listas to take down the next target

The two to one trade is unavoidable when fighting an Intel HH with a large city on compact, mechs will not change that cost. Mechs or not you will still pay the piper. Only when you get on small numbers can you use different waves to get around the 2 to one ratio. Sorry that we disappointed your age one expectations. You should try Age2 for a little while, then perhaps our kill will not appear as appalling to you.

I have never played Age1 but I do know that there is allot of differences ion mechanics, food etc. Do you think it would be fair for me to judge Age1 reports based on my knowledge of Age2?

The mechanics of ages 1 and two are quite similar, The major difference being age two Heros work differently and are limited to level 100/150 while age 1 is unrestricted and troops are not instant in age 2. The other major difference i know of is the damage overflow - one unit can kill two layers or more in one round if its attack stack is high enough. Im sure that's not entirely accurate as Ive not actually played age 2 since the beta's (Instant warriors at 80 attack was the best) but i know in a trade fire you should get a hell of a lot more then 45k arch per mech. If you know how age 2 works then age 1 reports must look really impressive to you, We get 100k+ arch for a 99k arch hammer on a regular basis.

In a few minutes mucking about with the age 2 Dxcalc i was getting a minimum of 90k arch per 120k lista wave, Layered to age one standards. heal rate does factor into it, and im not sure how honour works in age 2, but defender with a zillion archers should be loaded up the wazoo with honour anyway.

Im assuming you guys can get 500 attack/50 int heroes in age two? cause that's all i was using as attackers. (considered spam/all rounder heroes for age 1, but again i don't know what the average attack hero is in age 2, I guess if you are hitting with 100 attack inn heroes then yes you might run into some damage problems.) I do remember reading somewhere the best heroes in age two were 800+ in attack, so im guessing 300-500 is mid level? like the kind of hero you end up with 70 of them laying around just from regular farming or whatever?

When your killing citys with major troops you need to be pulling as much damage per wave as possible, Evony is not based on a kill/death system of ranking so res cost be damned, your not aiming for the best bang for your buck, your aiming to tear down all them arrows as quickly as possible. 90k arch for 120k lista sucks, but its a damn site better then 45k per. Hell even a 300 attack hero would pull 67k arch down a hit. and thats if you aren't using pults as anything other than a layer. more pults = more damage. a standard age 1 70/50 layered mech would be pulling close to 103k arch per hit with a 500 atk hero, and 76k arch with a 300 attack hero. that's only 9210 waves to get rid of them 700m arrows. not counting heal it would be quite a lot of lista and pults required for 9200 waves, but that is before heal factor, and your homies. If yall build that many arrows, surely you can overbuild mechs for a few months when planning to nuke a monstrosity like the city killed here. 10 players with 10m mechs each is 100m mechs. You guys don't refuge in age two so why you don't carry 100m pults ill never know.
I get that pults are expensive and slow to build in age two, cause of lack of actual farms that stick around and that your heros are poo, but if you guys have time to build over a billion archers, you could have built 10m pults or like 30m lista if you want to go that route.

However - Age two was never meant to have age one troop counts. its not built to handle it, hence the hero nerfs and such. age one players build hundreds of millions of archers to survive having 20m mechs thrown at them in an afternoon. Age two doesn't require 400, 700m+ archers. Its just unnecessary. but then again i think building 50m archers in age 1 is overbuilding because you are scared of being hit, so im not one whos opinion matters when commenting on overbuilding. they really should have limited the number of troops you guys can have per city as well to counter balance the nerfed heroes.