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Thread: A Story: Something strange in an alternate place?

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    Text The Ancient Core: Poem


    Ancient Core,
    What to say
    Complacent Sore
    Is not your name

    Thank you
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    I say thank you, 'cause you heal
    My bee stings,
    My cerebral zeal,
    My heart zhings.

    Aloe Vera, I know your real name.

    Goddess that you are,
    You can not hide,
    Though I 'ceive you far,
    I ride at your side,

    I know thy name,
    Oh ye who loves a mortal,
    Thy earned thy fame,
    Captured love Immortal.

    Oh, Skalds ..
    Tell me, thine seeings ..

    "The Goddess is jealous,
    She wants you,
    to be Hers,
    She does not want you,
    to be another's.

    Is Skadi not your true love?
    Is Skadi not whom you desire?
    Is Skadi not your Goddess Amour?
    Is Skadi not your dream?

    Goddess Skadi is,
    Goddess Skadi dreams of me,
    Goddess Skadi desires me,
    Goddess Skadi swoons for me,

    You ask, questions, answers not fulfilled,
    You ask, questions, in disguised,
    You ask, questions, yet revealed,
    You ask, will I?

    I do ask questions, not fulfilled,
    I do ask questions, in disquised,
    I do ask questions, yet revealed
    I ask, will you?

    Is not Goddess Skadi, your love,
    Is not Goddess Skadi, your dream, '
    Is not Goddess Skadi, your love,
    Is not Goddess Skadi, your life?


    That be the answer you seek.


    May I speak my peace?


    Will you reap,
    My confession upon yonder Peak?

    Njord is my God,
    How not to dismay,
    Njord I can not nor will not discord,
    Bring the accord.

    I Love my Goddess Skadi.
    My heart, my soul, my treasure,
    T'whom Her, I pledge my all.
    She is me.

    There is only one,
    I must be loyal to,
    Through life,
    In death, be Wwe entwined

    I mortal,
    She immortal,
    A glimpse is all I am to Her

    One night,
    Two Lifetimes,
    Is but a breathe,
    For my Goddess

    She will not allow death,
    to keep you from Her,
    to allow you to leave,
    to spend toil without reward."

    And I?
    Respond how?
    Aye, to die.
    What, what now?

    Volva, refrain.
    Be to speed, this notion of demise.
    I've no disdain,
    Dangle me, let me be wise.

    Skalds predict, sir Knight,
    Embrace of the Goddess,
    Is your delight.
    Thar be no re-dress.

    Say so n'ei no.
    I'm drunk.
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    Geeve to me my mead,
    Wanton need
    Tend not to my greed,
    For honor we bleed.

    Einherjar we be,
    Chosen by Valkyrie,
    for To cross the Hoary Sea,
    Ragnarock our only fee.

    Axe through the swath,
    Sword through the hoard,
    In Blood we are awash,
    In Courage we t'ross f'ward.

    Othin we accompany,
    Trounce the foe,
    Slay evil dee,
    An' ask for mo.

    Carcass' a'pile,
    A'laid to the waste,
    Work behind lay a'file,
    Work ahead for to taste.

    Death's authority,
    Belong to us, our thing
    We choose thine cry,
    We choose thy suff'ring.

    By Thor's fist, Jormungand dies,
    By Thor's Spear, Loki dies,
    By Jormungand's poison, Thor vies,
    By Loki's Spear, Thor dies.

    Gods and men die,
    Hel's hoard die,
    Sorrows live,
    Hopes n'ie survive.
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    Freya falls in line,
    Be the beast,
    To strive our Kine,
    Strategy benign.

    She posits the line,
    Pincer acquired,
    Devastation opine,
    Yet seek ye o'ver thar,
    Jötunheimr appear.

    Skadi, lest we remiss,
    Tell me, of this obiss,
    Thy kin doth surprise,
    Thine kin survise.

    What side ye be on,
    Goddess of my own,
    What side stand thee,
    With or without me?

    Watch how I subdue thee. Watch how I bring thee to mine side.
    Endeavor to kiss thy subject, and release thee from familia,
    I am just a man, mortal.
    Watch how I enslave thee to my cause.

    Thine Jotun want our blood.

    Be thine ever so vigilant,
    Say nay to my death, Goddess.

    I struggle for freedom, sweet thang.
    I struggle for independence, mine heart.
    I will slay mine adversaries.
    Be ye not mine adversary, yes?

    "What Jotuns do is what Jotuns do, My love."
    "I am not of their accord, My love"
    "I am your Goddess, My love"
    "I am your Goddess Skadi, Mine heart, My love."

    "Show unto Me your loyalty,
    Unt I will show unto you My power,
    My love,
    I will show you, who I am, My heart."
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    Power is not my seeking,
    Goddess mine,
    Power holds bereavement,
    Dangling one's vine,

    My quest is you,
    Shaded by solace tree,
    A moment of quietude,
    Caressed at the nape,
    of Thy neck,
    I should be,

    "You are bold,
    Sir mortal,
    N'ver been told,
    how T'enter Mimir's portal?",

    Nay, Lass, never been told,
    Only showed the way,
    Beleaguered and trolled,
    On a dark winter's day,

    "I command winter,
    I command the dark,
    I direct thine arrow's flight,
    I show you who to dis'm'bark,"

    Aye, Goddess, you do,
    I long to be at Thy side,
    I'll not power over you,
    Tis Thy flesh, t'only wilt I abide,

    "Ye be not after My power?"


    "Ye be not after Mine skill?"


    "Ye be not after Mine knowledge?"

    Not Thy secret knowledge,
    Just Thy knowledge of passion,
    Love has a holt on me, Goddess,
    And I bring nothing.

    "Thy nothing, is all I need ... mortal."
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    Mortal? Aye mortal,
    Iz alls I be,
    Gods harangue unt chortal,
    Expecting I bow my knee.

    I bow to no one, Goddess,
    Not even to thee,
    Expecting redress?
    Nay, not from me.

    "You dare to quaff,
    Rebellion's bitters?
    Thine cap nien doff,
    'Pon threat t'which flickers,

    A pall 'pon Mine Deity,
    'Fraid not Mine squish,
    Thy life helt'n brevity,
    As Asgardt's fav'rint dish?"

    Thy beauty is my whole love, my Love.

    Goddess mine.

    Ye put the Awe in Awesome.

    Skadi mine.

    You fill every loci of my thoughts.

    I am Your's as you wish, yet ..
    I am not Your's as your pet.



    Mortal am I,
    This is true.
    Skadi do try,
    To see my view.

    A man is his word,
    Not lived in sable's pelt
    Riches are fleeting,
    E'vn hats of felt.

    A mortal's life is short,
    A God's breath or two,
    The arrangement of d'court,
    Thrice to bid adieu.
    Pray tell the port,
    I may sail to?

    "Pray tell?
    Whar be Mine Rose?
    Speak to sell,
    Speak in prose."

    Prose? Al'rite.

    Goddess mine, mine heart is aflame ..

    "That is not prose."

    Nien? not? Let me exclaim ... then.

    A man of honor does not bow. He does not bend the knee to no one. Why? ye may ask? Because He is his own counsel. A true man takes responsibility for his own actions. A true man does not apologize, because when he did what he did, when he did it, It was the right thing to do at the time he did it.

    A true man loves his love with a love that never ceases, till his death, and only then because his corpse can not show his Love his beating heart's Desire the way into his soul. His eyes grow blank. His touch grows cold. His feelings grow still. His passion grows flaccid.

    Immortals can promise eternal love. Mortals can not. A promise is a gift. A promise from an Immortal has no end. A promise from a mortal has an end.

    I do not reject your Love, Goddess. I relish it. I just do not know how to reciprocate an equal gift, as that to which Ye give me.

    "You, My mortal, My love, have no idea, I see.
    What the Love of a Goddess, such as I, can bring thee."

    Upon Thy lips, words spoken, true I do not see.

    Then help me, Goddess Skadi, Divine Huntress, help me to see.
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    "Ye have seen Mimir's gate?
    Enter then, when next you spy.
    Desires I shall sate.
    On the 'other' side."
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    A storm of snow and ice,
    did blow around yeah field,
    My gaze took Her in,
    To Her my will vex't to yield ...

    A crystal flake flew in mine eye,
    Trick an poses,
    My thought to divert,
    With the scent of winter's roses.

    Burn't in my soul,
    Her visage I await,
    Her blizzard nay ives console,
    My quest for Mimir's gate.

    She flew to Her Thunder-Home,
    Her Father's Thrymheim,
    Under Yggdrasil's Dome,
    Far north of Winter's Clime.

    Oh woe is me.

    Or? not!

    Fifty five or a hundred years, what is man? He toils in his labors, stresses strife till his enemies fear him, gives gifts till his foes forgive him, adjudicates wisdom till his friends hate him. What is man? Have we ever known peace? Do we even know what peace is? Nay, for I have only known war. Peace is only a time to re-group, nothing more. Hewn thy spear till it is razor sharp. Easier to cleave. This is the whole of knowledge, the whole of wisdom man has devised. Nothing more. War is the life given man. Ablutions aside, he knows no other state of being.

    With in this life of war, preparing for Ragnarock, All Father Odin give wisdom, Beautiful Frigg give counsel, Tough God Tyr hewn me on thy whetstone, Thorr please indulge me, Sceafa mine most ancient ancestor hear my plea ...

    A Goddess wants to marry me.

    Whilst mine crüe be on pillage,
    To gain spoils t'wit their plunder,
    I sit, in me village,
    N'mine mead hall and wonder....

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    I rose to the occasion,
    Not thinking upon the till,
    My thoughts did conceive the eager truncation,
    The thoughts of my mind just stood still.
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    In a sober stupor,
    Did I stratedge,
    Aplomb my Centaur,
    Of rake yon hedge.

    Remember when Ire was free?
    I do not remember.

    All I have known is war.

    Why do I not remember?

    Could it be because the war never made anyone free?

    Perhaps, in this mess I will find my love.
    My Goddess, My dream.
    Fighting to be free, as a dove,
    I find her, bereft of ream.

    She hails to me,
    Seeking a familiar,
    I call Her my Free,
    She calls, "Mon frère."

    How so, could this be, a love a sibling, nay nay nay, not in the sense it reaps, yet in the sense of kinship only. Rig is mien father ancient, Rig is Her sister by marriage. Yes, this makes sense.

    Find Mimir's gate, find Mimir's well, under the yew tree, under her roots, there I may begin my path towards Everwill.

    A callous portend I begin,
    Why across the dell, I pretend,
    Upward above the glen,
    I soar, above the din.

    Why doth a Goddess,
    From winter's abode,
    Deam to stress,
    Upon mortal so low?

    I do not frearkintingly know.

    Yet she sings ....

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