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    it is a shame to see something you once loved suffering so much so perhaps the developers (i use the term developers loosely) will consider taking the trusty old farm dog behind the barn and putting him out of his misery - Age1 has now had enough and is tired, it's time to let him go to the MMO in the sky, he had a good innings and served us well.

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    yeah its very sad that Age 1 never changed since coming out of beta but some minor things. Correct me if i was wrong but i played before age 2 and age 1 has not changed since that time........

    this game has shown me that it was a very thrown together game with stolen code and graphics (during beta and early days) to fund the new graphics and Ad campaign

    the last game i played (while updated with new things sometimes) also died like evony and the game i currently play (FOE) hasn't had a new server in a year (but has events)

    there needs to be a new game like these that is kept open and not killed off by lazy devs or exploited

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    yes. but its us who are not letting go this


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