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Thread: Slack Evony, really slack

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    Default Slack Evony, really slack

    During the dark of winter, the elk thought to himself, why should I give up my antlers? His thoughts turned to a small squirrel that would gather them into large piles, that she then stored all of her treasures into. An idea and fate arrived, and decreed that they should merge, and it was witness as the first tulips of spring were emerging.

    Celebrate the Elk and the Squirrel, with gifts from the Raven, and more! CLICK HERE to find out more

    See you on the battlefield!

    The Evony Team

    Come on Evony ... even this is a bit slack sending it out. It's the 23rd today. We getting a promo for Easter?

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    Money maker for the few people that still manage to spend money on the game of course

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    Hahaha evony sort your rubbish out..... the promo runs till the 18th and you send the mail out today, you know the 23rd March haha

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    evony needs to deal with 80085 and 1066 on NA61, allowing troop glitchers to ruin the game for others is bs

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    Random as hell. Wrong thread entirely lol

    Evony won't handle any problems. Can you please understand this so you can move on?


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