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Thread: Dave! Banning on NA60 :(

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    Default Dave! Banning on NA60 :(

    Dear Dave and The Evony Team,

    Can you please tell us why you are banning all the good red's on NA60? If it is a violation, perhaps they could correct it, and just have a temporary ban for a warning? And Perhaps get all their stuff back?

    We understand their have to be rules and guidelines, but see, thing is, you also need to leave us people to fight with. Or, well, the server is just dead. And some of those guys were really fun to fight with! We'd really like you to let them come back and kill us!

    Or at least explain why exactly people are getting banned? So they can maybe not do that anymore? Hard to justify spending a bunch of cash on a new account, that might end the same way, as you don't have enough information to be sure it won't happen again. They will just leave the game altogether. Then the people not banned don't have anyone to play with. You see what the problem is?

    I'm the happiest girl there ever was when I'm in a good fight! And you are leaving no one with the nerve to kill me What on earth are we to do then?

    Please consider a temporary ban, a warning and more information for our dear beloved enemies.

    Very Cordially Yours,

    NA60- NaFianna
    NA55 - Humility (Retired)
    NA50 - Softer (Retired)
    NA36 - Thursday (Retired)
    NA7 - Shiva (Retired)

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    IP ban then because they ran to many alts on one IP

    thats about all people get banned for

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    Nota that is exactly the point. I have been banned with absolutely no explanation why. If what Derrick has claimed is true, that he is friends with the evony admins and he had several 3200 players banned, then all I can say is shame on you Evony.

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    I sure wish they'd think about making the ban temporary. What good is a server stocked with nothing but pacifists?

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    Players abusing everything UD has to offer should be banned. Autocolonizing to suppress cities near caps, auto besieges anytime you send horde waves. Those defense scripts that UD is capable of running. Ive camptimed waves against it and every wave still hit with 100 of each layer in the city.

    The reason "Several" 3200 players are banned is not my doing, its the bot you use. You pay $25 a month to run a bot that doesn't do anything but hurt the community in general.

    As twinkie said
    "like a spoiled brat I cant have it so no one can"
    or LeoniXV said
    "i cant have it, so no one can, you realy are a child"

    I know other reds on the bot. NaFianna uses it as well. But you can still kill them at least. The problem with 3200 was you were using every little thing the bot had to offer to get away from us hitting you. Yet you could hit us all day long. If you want to complain, then complain. If you want to say "its not fair" then play fair. Leoni came near my cap few days ago and farmed probably 200b food from accs around there. But we couldnt hit him because he would besiege waves. And no way in hell we could do that back to him, because his alts would auto colonize.

    ATG - 7 mile radius of auto colonizing alts around his cap. They will all auto colonize in under 2 minutes when you hit them.

    But wait! Thats fair!

    Everyone in evony bots these days. Abuse UD and all the BS it has to offer, and you deserve a ban.

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    Lets have a look at UD so those who haven't ever seen it can see what it is like.
    Or was, from what I understand it gets updated pretty often.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    So no, they shouldn't be unbanned.

    you simply port a ton of alts around your cap, add these configs and wahoo! Now no one can cap a city because it will auto colonize when someone else attacks it.

    config ext.colohelp.request:1
    config ext.colohelp.send:1

    but remember! Its fair!

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    And raj is you buying over 250 accounts on 60 fair? How about you being the main culprit behind the troop glitch that almost destroyed Evony. Was that fair? Seems to me what you want is to be able to cheat steal hack use bots and glitches, but if anyone else does it its not fair. You are the biggest cheater/scammer on Evony and everyone knows that, so dont whine about something not being fair. Its pathetic.

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    gosh, raj. you sure know a lot about whatever the hell this bot is. how very thorough of you.

    also, is your avatar picture really in its underpants? can we take up a collection to get that thing some trousers?


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