Hey there folks, we've recently had a few questions from players about group discussions or screen caps of private discussions taking place on Skype between various players and accounts that are impersonating me.

I want to remind players of a few things. It is true that uCool staff have had accessibility in the past on Skype, where we've held discussions with guild leaders or players about the game, taken bug reports, and taken reports of exploits. We're not on Skype to discuss player accounts, bannings/ who to ban, or how to get a leg up in the political landscape in each server. That game world is up to all of you, and for you. I've had some direct reports and questions recently about scam discussions that are attributed to me about players being banned amongst other things. While I do have a skype account, I do not get into group chats (aside from the forum mod chat), nor do I discuss accounts and make promises about banning players. Additionally, I am not in the Customer Service department. So I am not in the department that handles player accounts, and I don't have account access.

At the end of the day, if someone claims to be me or any other uCool employee and starts making unethical claims, asks for login information, promises to ban people, or starts offering "secret information," you can rest assured that you are not talking to a uCool staff member. It's very easy to make fraudulent accounts on Skype and this is just another type of common con that you find online.

If you have any questions, message me here. If you are chatting with someone who claims to be me, feel free to message me here for verification.