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Thread: Loyalty drop bug

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    Default Loyalty drop bug

    How does a city go from 77 loyalty to 1 loyalty within 7 seconds with only one hit?? This seems to be happening on ss50 and needs to be fixed..

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    on SS89 I was seeing 11 to 1. was wondering if it was a fluke or more widespread

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    lol there was a buff that has a 1% chance to drop loy to 1 its not a bug its a buff and it only lasts a certain amount of time. the people who are using this buff obviously holidayed the accounts

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    ^^^^^. You are correct. Un holidayed an account and that buff was still active

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    I'm looking into this, thanks.

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    Default soryy really random

    Quote Originally Posted by gt8284 View Post
    ^^^^^. You are correct. Un holidayed an account and that buff was still active
    sorry a bit off topic but any clue when na 63 will be out?

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    I'm very surprised Evony hasn't come out with a new server yet. I tried na62. I signed in got an account going and was plundered within 5 minutes. I guess beginners protection wasn't working ;-( I love all the level 5 npcs lol Older servers it is hard to farm. I'm assuming on these new servers it is easy???

    I'd love to try a brand new server ;-)
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