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    Why does Evony seem to always take side with certain players? We have reported players who flagrantly rourte the system for botting, hacking and being general pains in the a$$ not to mention illegal activities. Yet time and time again, Evony appear to do nothing about it. HC's & HH continue to get spammlocked by these accounts who perform Denial of Service. One guy I have reported consistently since the server merge 3 YEARS ago, and NOTHING not one solitary thing have Evony done to protect us against him and his alliance. It's becoming rediculous. Only leaves th option that this guy works for Evony himself, why else would they virtually let him have free range to utterly destroy the game for others?

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    The Customer Service team will investigate reports of cheating. Actions taken are not for public knowledge, and are not made public by CS for customer privacy's sake. That means you will not know what has been done, or when.

    That said, if you have issues, file a CS report. Now I'm closing this thread before anyone else ups and gets themselves an invite to a banning.

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