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Thread: SS65 merge. not even 50 people playing.

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    Default SS65 merge. not even 50 people playing.

    I counted heads, 20 in my Alliance, 5 in a other and in the big Alliance are 10 people...perhaps i miss a couple but max 40 people on SS65 playing...Thats Sad., Always the been 6 years we where merged...

    People are sad and just build up there mains. me included.

    Talks are there to have a frozen server, but will evony listen? Im so sad in this game had his best years, but evony admins can make it alive again by merging lot of servers. if there 3 servers in 1, you count 150 players a SServer...that would be nice...and players are happy. Even the small players want a merge.

    Please take this note serious ADMINS, SS65 aint the only one waiting 6 years for a merge...Please Evony Merge SServers and dont forget ss65 please.

    Tnx for listening, i hope this post get read seriously.

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    Problem is, it is the same 40 players on every server so merging does nothing.

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    And those now 80 players bring 100 alts each crowding the map and causing so much lag the game is unplayable.

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    lol, you wish it was 100 alts - more like 1000. I love the number of 100 member alt alliances on a given server.

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    we tried a cease fire, but some dont want it. lol if u freeze a server and spend not to much and create tickers. it should work.

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    But it will be about time Evony doing some Mergers! cause it been a long time we had one.

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    Funny how evony staff dont repsonse to mergers. Is it the money? cause i cant see that Ss65 pays you that much anymore. i guess its lack of doing something for there members.

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    No one from Evony sees anything here. I doubt Evony even has a customer service rep any more. Occasionally a developer might do something for a promo but that's about it.

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    i guess its lack of doing something for there members.


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